Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Do Do

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone important, speaking intellectually, a mile a minute and then suddenly you start to tell that person what you do in a certain situation, and you start the explanation by saying, "What I do, do......" and it totally sounds like you're talking about "Doo Doo"?

I didn't do that, or anything....I was just wondering if you do do that. I would never do something that ridiculous. Of course not.

So anyways.... here are some things that I don't do:
~eat mayonaise
~get pedicures
~speed (much)
~exercise enough
~listen to my mother with both ears

Here are some things I do do:
~drink lots of coffee
~work really hard
~hug and kiss my sweet little boys so much that they think it is totally okay to hug and kiss other sweet little boys
~read my bible
~dream of going back to Africa to love on some orphans

And I promise...I'm trying to blog more. I might make this "do do" thing a weekly treat. Yeah....that sounds yummy!

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