Monday, May 18, 2009

Living In The Land of "I Never"

I am not in the mood to blog, but I have to.

We all know the old saying, "never say never". Well, I'm beginning to think that if I say, "I never", then I am really saying, "God is gonna make me...". So, I feel like I can comfortably suggest that I might not ever, say "I never" again.

Sometimes, I say "I never" because I simply WON'T.

Sometimes, I say "I never" because I don't believe I can.

Sometimes, I say "I never" because I don't have the power.

Here are some loverly examples....real ones:

(1) After driving a 6-cylinder car for so long, I'd never drive a (slow) 4-cylinder car again.
~Guess who is driving a 4-cylinder car? Yup, me.

(2) I'll never marry a man who can't dance. Dancing is such great therapy and such a great way to connect with a person, I could never marry someone who doesn't have rhythm.
~Guess who is married to the most rhythmically challenged white man? Yup, me

(3) It is irresponsible to vote for a President based on ONE sole issue. I would never make my decision to vote based on ONE issue.
~Guess who changed her mind at the last minute, due to ONE nagging issue? Yup, me.

(4) I will never fly anywhere that requires me to cross the ocean. I am clausterphobic and the thought of being on an airplane more than 3 hours causes me to seize. I will never fly across the ocean.
~Guess who flew 27 hours to Zimbabwe, because God sent her? Guess who endured one flight that was 16 hours? Yup, me. And guess who is ready to go again?

I have said "I never" many times in my life. These 4 examples just happen to be fresh. I realize I married Joe almost 8 years ago, but I am reminded more and more recently with the little boys dancing around our living room, that my husband has 2 left monkey feet. And his 2 left monkey feet might have found their way into Asher's DNA. Asher might find his rhythm some day.... never say never.

I am writing this, because I am starting to search some other things I've made the "never" claims to, and wondering if God is going to prove me wrong, again. I've shared them with Joe and we're both kinda scratching our head...wondering...

I believe that if we are Christians, and we are focusing on Christ as the center of our lives, that we should be genuinely willing to set aside the "I never" in our vocabulary. Or be aware, that your "I never" may have just sentenced you to that which you have no desire to do, to live, or to experience in your life.

If God sends you into the land of "I never"... it is in your best interest to be obedient, and go.


~*Michelle*~ said...

oooooooooh good stuff! I really enjoyed reading this.

You are so right.....I think God laughs when we think we have everything all lined up with our own set of boundaries/limitations.


Sarah said...

Now I'm dying to know your latest "I never."

Oh, but I forgot... You're done with I nevers!

Anonymous said...

Never say Never? Huh, God laughs when I say that!
I would never have a pitbull...
my sweetest grand-dog is Pugsley the pit.
I would never leave Bellevue...
well here I am lovin' life in the Springs
One thing I do know, God will NEVER leave us or forsake us...
Love Ya Sister, SJ