Friday, May 22, 2009

What did Tennessee?

She saw what Arkansas!


That is the corniest joke in the world, but because my family is from Arkansas and I live in Tennessee, we've told it a million times.

Me and my many cute boys are going to Arkansas in the morning, to visit family and hang out all weekend. Asher has been asking to go back, ever since we went last summer. He is PUMPED!

I can't wait for everyone to see Shawn. Last Memorial Day weekend, Shawn was just starting to stand on his own, but wasn't walking. Now, the kid runs like lightening. Some of the family will be meeting him for the first time.

It's the one time each year that I get to see the people who share some of my DNA. I have no siblings. This visit is special to me. I love it.

Have a happy holiday weekend, and remember to remember what Memorial Day memorializes.


Sarah said...

Love the joke!

Have a wonderful trip. So glad you get to spend time with family, and your boys do, too.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were of family reunions.

Anonymous said...

I am so amused.

Being from the north, can you believe I've never heard that joke!?