Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Am A Pilgrim

I finally understand this journey...

I understand there to be a Heaven that awaits me and God that will rejoice upon my arrival. I believe I have a savior and that He is Jesus....the Messiah. I believe in the scriptures, and the scriptures say there are rewards in Heaven. There will be work for me to do there. My rewards will be based on my acts of service here, and my willingness to witness and testify to the great message of Christ. I want rewards....(am I alone here?)

Sometimes it is so hard to serve others....espeically when we feel we've been wronged. It's difficult to forgive. It hurts to lose. We each have our struggles, and at times we feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

So what I have figured out about this life is that my God will vindicate me..... There is not much room for fairness and equality on this earth where we live, so we must choose to accept God's will and move forward with Him on this journey. We are pilgrims, on a pilgrimage, seeking the kingdom eternity. It is there, with Him. I believe that with all my heart. So I have live this life to serve myself, or to live my life to serve God by serving others. These choices carry through every aspect of life, from becoming the wife I (want to be), the Realtor I am, in friendships, and the way I choose to do life with my neighbors, enemies and strangers.

Come do life with me. Rejoice with me, in the joy of salvation. Let us live for the Kingdom Walls of Jasper, where no hurt exists. Let us set our eyes on Heaven! Let us earn rewards along the way. Let us gather as many together as we can.... it is our ultimate mission.

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