Sunday, April 27, 2008

And God made Asher

Asher talks non-stop. Well...that's not really true.....but sometimes it seems that way.

We planted some flowers this morning, all the while Asher was telling me stories about how flowers are beautiful, we are healthy, dirt is fun, worms love plant food, shovels are "tools" not "toys", mommy you are my best friend, mommy i just love you so much, fank you for my new jacket mommy, but i just want to help you mommy, i have a job to do, you forgot to make me some lunch, the temperature is just right, we like to talk about fings, your gwoves are pretty mommy, and daddy is going to be so excited when he sees these pretty flowers.

The best part of all is that since Asher was born, I have been teaching him that God made the flowers and trees, and on and on. I tell Asher all the time how much I love the flowers and the trees...and so he notices them. Now he talks about them. At the age of 3, he actually appreciates the beauty of flowers and trees. That is so cool!


Anonymous said...

That is cool! And, Asher is one cool kid. I could just eat him up - he's too cute for words. Oharah talks about him a lot! When they are together, they must both chat and chat and chat constantly. Thanks for sharing this sweet Asher story!

Monica said...

somehow I found your blog, just wanted to say I'm enjoying it :)