Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Does Prayer equal Peace?

My pastor asked our congregation to think about this question this week.... "what would someone do, in your current set of circumstances, if he/she were absolute confident God was with them?"

Gosh....so my current set of circumstances:
1. My husband is considering posting for a promotion at work that would be better $ but a worse schedule - and that could have a negative effect on our children.
2. Our marriage could be better.
3. My teenage son has a sticky predicament at his university that potentially has a very expensive, negative outcome.
4. My youngest son has special needs, physical and mental delays, and might need heart surgery at the end of the year.
5. I have experienced some major upsets recently in my career and have been treated unfairly.

So, if I were to behave with such a solid, unwavering faith, as to know that God is with me, right now, in everyone of these situations.......what would I do?

I would praise Him for the gifts of our careers and the financial provisions. I would seek HIM and His will and not try to maniuplate the outcomes. I would not try to maniuplate the outcomes...
I would seek ways in my life, in my marriage, in my relationship with my husband that I could be a better wife. I would scream outoud at Satan, for him to step out of our way. I would encourage us to pray together. I would encourage him, value and appreciate him better. Mostly, I would trust that God designed us for one another. I would acknowledge that we are a powerful pair in the name of Jesus. And I would claim victory.....marriage is tough....but we can do it.
With my college son, I would trust that God has a plan and that He is going to reveal it. Perhaps I should recognize that I might have already manipulated a particular outcome, and that God is going to set it right back the way it should have been in the first place. I would extend grace and forgiveness to myself, and to my son, and just love him through the trials. I would lift up my son and encourage him to seek God, remember to pray, and to trust that God is in control.
With my baby....I would just continue to trust and know that his life is a gift and a blessing, and that God will do a work in him and through him, and that the challenges will be power. I will continue to accept that Shawn belongs to God now and forever (as do all of my children).
With my career...I would seek to hear God better....what is the lesson in this for me Lord? When people let me down and my business hurts as a result....I would trust that God would vindicate me....pray that my bitterness would be released and that my heart would forgive, even those who do not seek my forgiveness. Life is too short to hold a grudge. I would trust that God will heal my internal wounds and that he will provide.
Lastly, but most important....I would pray on my knees every day. I would take all of my worried to God and I would remember Him in all of my Joy. I would praise Jesus daily. I would choose actions and reactions that would Honor my heavenly Father.....if I were completely confident that He were with me at all times...and I am. Prayer is peace in my life.

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