Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HIGHLIGHTS (life.....not hair)

I've not blogged in a few days. It has been so busy and hectic, that even the thoughts that I have had have been jumbled and noisy. It wasn't managable from my mind to the if things were getting stuck in my heart and just couldn't come out. Well....those thoughts must have just been meant for me. Moving on.....

Some highlights from my past few days:
1. Shawn stood up by himself in the middle of the floor (no assistance) and he stood for about 7 seconds before sitting back down. Sweet victories...(thank you Jesus).
2. A young high school boy from Nashville went on a search via internet for some warehouse space to borrow, and he stumbled upon my website and contacted me. Long story short.....I fell for his plea, through a series of emails, and I managed to connect him with someone who could help him. This is all for a film project which he is hoping will get him into film school after he graduates high school. It felt so AWESOME to be able to help him, and he has been extremely graceful and grateful. I realize that I can do more, without even doing much. Even doing a little can make a huge difference to someone. And it's fun! Praise God for that.
3. I had a great time with my friend Cindy at dinner last night. She's always a highlight.
4. I met a sweet sweet lady from my church, along with some great time with Tina and Izzy.....nice to meet Holly!
5. Bible study with my wild group of women is always a highlight...every week. I love them. And we love our studies authored and taught by Beth Moore.
6. Asher crawled in bed with us this morning and curled up with me. He tucked his cold little toes in between my knees and told me "thank you". I knew what he was thankful for...even though he didn't articulate it. Sometimes toes can say sooooooooo much.
7. One of my clients got a firm offer on her home and an inspection repair agreement.....and she is sooooooooooooo excited about her ALASKA! I couldn't be happier for her.
8. Joe and I had a great conversation yesterday and felt a very positive shift.
9. Trying to help Spencer with his sleep disorder. Waking him up is hard, but once he comes alive, I'm so happy he is here. I get to see him every morning for a while. The gift of seeing his precious face far outweighs the burden of having to BEG him to get out of bed. He'll get better. I believe!
10. Plant shopping at Lowes on Monday night. I bought 5 awesome perennials for my flower garden that I'll plant later today, and only spent $30. Yay.....i love my garden.

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Pete Wilson said...

I think #8 is very cool!