Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bugs, Bees, Boys & Buyers

Bugs: What's up with the gigantic mosquitos in Nashville? They are horrifying my sweet Asher and have tried to overtake my dwelling. Seriously.....anyone know how long this is supposed to last.

Bees: Because of the mosquitos, Asher is having nightmares about bees.

Boys: Shawn is not phased by the bugs, nor the massive thunderstorm that disturbed the rest of my family last night. Asher screamed......then got in bed with mommy & daddy and continually made comments about he's not scared......... right....wink wink

Buyers: I had a great day today with some clients who have made an offer on their dream home! It's on..... Let's Roll!

1 comment:

Pete Wilson said...

I have no idea what those bugs are but they are huge!