Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Shawn

One of my primary reasons for beginning the blog was to be available to new parents, or parents-to-be of a sweet angel with Down syndrome. My first real fear was that our Shawn would not "connect". I wanted to him to feel love, show love, want love, etc. I wanted him to adore his brothers and need his mommy. I didn't understand Down syndrome, at all. I'm blessed to be able to witness his daily connections. Here is a video of him connecting with himself, in the mirror....just before I gave him the most handsome haircut ever. It's precious.

If you are new to this, or if you are expecting a child with this diagnosis....please do not hesitate to contact me. I have much to share.


Holly Black said...

Hi Melissa!
Such a cute son and video! I have never actually met you, but I attend Crosspoint and stumbled upon your blog from Without Wax. I'm considering a career change to real estate and am glad to hear how much you enjoy it. I'l have to pick your brain about it sometime. Thanks for the great blog!

Julie said...

I'm a fellow Cross Point blogger and that video is just precious!!

Whitney said...

Hi Melissa! I'm a CP blogger, too! :) I work in the nursery and kept Shawn several times before he moved up and I think he's just the cutest, most precious thing!