Monday, April 14, 2008

Asher "happy and blessed"

We intentionally named him. Who wouldn't want a name that means "blessed" and "happy"? Also, in the Old Testament, Asher was given a blessing by his father that was "he will prepare fine, rich, foods for kings"....i paraphrase. And given that Joe is a kinda sealed the deal.

Asher is a delight and is glorious. Here are some things that Asher said today:

Asher, do you want a haircut like your daddy's? "No I really want to keep some hair on my head until these teeth fall out and I get new ones".

"Mommy, Shawn really does know that he really does love me".

"Mommy, Daddy, thank you for making a wonderful dinner for me." (We made breakfast for dinner, waffles and was a joint effort).

Earlier today I was looking for my camera and Asher said... "mommy, did you forget to KNOW where your camera is?"

Today Asher ran to me and said "mommy what's the problem?" As confused as ever I said Asher there is no problem... to which he replied, "now Mommy, I am a fireman and there must be a problem around here somewhere!" I recognized this nudge for play so I immediately created emergencies all over the house.....but don't worry, Asher put all the fires out.

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