Sunday, August 1, 2010


Long ago I worked for a physician/surgeon and I had to transcribe his patient notes. His job was pretty intense, in that he was a trauma surgeon in the ER for one of our finest hospitals. I was young, mid 20's maybe. I can recall the first time I heard him describe something as "unremarkable". I don't think I had ever heard that term before. I had heard "remarkable" of course, but never the polar opposite of that.

If something is unremarkable in the medical world, it just bascially means there is nothing to determine that it is worth remarking about. Right? Often times, he would do an examination and declare the entire medical situation to be "unremarkable". Nothing was wrong necessarily. Nothing major. Or nothing of importance. In the medical world, I suppose it is a good word.

You would rather be found to be unremarkable than to have cancer, or aids, or heart failure or diabetes. In fact, we'd all love for our medical reports to be unremarkable.

But how about your faith? If God took out his scopes and his tools and began to examine your faith, would He find it to be "unremarkable?" Oh Lord, I hope not.

I want your faith and my faith to be "REMARKABLE". In fact, I want for our Heavenly Father to have so much to remark about that He cannot stop talking. I want His remarks about me to be:

  • she trusted me in the face of uncertainty
  • she went with beautiful feet to the places i sent her
  • she knew I was in control even though she didn't know what I would do or allow
  • she never gave up Hope
  • she loved even when it was difficult
  • she forgave even when it didn't make sense to
  • she treated everyone with the kindness i planted in her spirit
  • she hugged people she didn't even know
  • she talked about ME and she shared my truth
  • she comforted others
  • she believed in me even when others thought it weak
  • she loved me first
  • she taught her children they could talk to me
  • she read my word and marveled at its mystery
  • she gave out more hugs than she received
  • she knew that I could and would love anyone, regardless of their sin
  • she didn't try and judge the hearts of others, even when she was tempted
  • she intentionally tried to love people that she didn't like
  • she gave things up for me
  • she listened when i spoke to her
  • she discerned between good and bad
  • she valued wisdom
  • she wore grace like a gift
  • she begged for mercy and then praised me when I lavished it upon her
  • she knew she wasn't greatest or least...and she knew that didn't matter anyway
  • she valued hearts over position
  • she was fair
  • she always had a song in her heart
  • she talked to Me in the dead of the night and in the glory of the morning
  • she wept over things that break My heart
  • she didn't run away
  • she served My kingdom
  • she won hearts for Heaven
Our Lord God cannot say all of these things about me yet, but I pray that He can say some of these now and before I die, I pray He can say them all, confidently. I want my faith to be remarkable.

And I want this for you.


Sarah said...

Beautiful. I want these things too.

By the way, I used to be a medical transcriptionist also! I worked for a urology clinic, which probably wasn't as interesting as a trauma ER--though I did hear a surprising amount of detail about the patients' sex lives! I guess it had some bearing on their urologic health?

Bill & Yvette Ahlstrom said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Very insightful, and right on target. How often do we stop to consider what God sees being produced in our daily lives?

Skye is the Limit! said...

Found your blog on blogfrog through a special needs thread.
My aunt has DS and my daughter has CF along with many other conditions.

I look forward to read more and will be following!

Amy said...

Yes, a very beautiful post....I love the list and do want those things as well. :)