Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blessed - Double Double

Those amazing kids in Zim who I have grown to cherish and adore live in close proximity to some amazing sights. But they have never seen them.

Fatima managed to negotiate a facilitate for our group of about 20 to go to 2 wildlife parks, 1 quiet park with a small lake, and a gorgeous national park of caves. While there did end up being some costs involved which I was SO thankful to be able to afford, and 2 annoying road blocks (literal ones) with fees to get through..... the kids and I enjoyed 4 excursions while I was in Zim.

The cave and the sleeping pool within it took my breath away. It was a spectacular sight. The photos did not come out very well due to the darkness. I cannot begin to describe the majestic color blue of the water. It looked impossibly beautiful. I could never describe it.

The animals at the 2 wildlife parks were incredible to see. My very favorite of all of the animals were 3 owls unlike anything I have ever seen before. Nothing like these owls exists in America...however I could not get photos because their habitat was so dark.

Nothing will top the priceless joy that I received as I witnessed all of these dear kids seeing the animals for the first time. Every one that I asked confirmed for me they had NEVER seen a lion, a baboon, a monkey, a zebra.....never! Even I have seen these in the zoo. The kids were overwhelmed and so excited with each excursion. They proclaimed over and over that it was the best time of their lives.....and they realized for the first time what an imaginative creator we have. The kids had the best time of their lives. And I got to watch it all unfold. I got to hear their words of praise and even see some of their tears of joy.

They LOVED the monkeys. They LOVED the lake. And they LOVED the bus rides around town, to see where they live. What an amazing unexpected gift to me on this journey.

Everything I experienced in Zim blessed me twice. Once for me and once for what I got to observe in the kids. They sang this incredible worship song many times while I was fact I've heard it on every trip. I don't know all of the words, but there is a part of the song that talks about being blessed....and then the low background vocal part says "double double". It actually sounds very African...the rhythm and sound of the song. It was only on this trip that I realized they were singing "double double". Prior to now, I thought it was just a sound. Now i know. And I have been blessed....double double.

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Michelle Jeffcoat said...

Hey Sweet precious lady,

I am SO blessed right now to be pulling up your blog for the first time in MONTHS - and getting to see where you are and what you're doing. I'm privledged to be able to pray for you - for this, and grateful that God allowed you back in my life!! I just read the post from yesterday, but can't wait to go through them all. LOVE YOU GIRL!
BE BLESSED!!!! Habakkuk 3:19 "The Lord God is my strength, & He has made my feet like Hind's feet & makes me walk on my high places!"
LOVE, Michelle J