Monday, August 16, 2010

Death Amidst Life

What do you see here? I see a dead tree in the middle of a pond of water. This tree in Zim has been coming to mind a lot. How does a tree die submerged in water? I thought water was life giving.

Look at the life that is all around, evident in the evergreens, the wildflowers, and the other greenery on the earth and in the water. Healthy life is all around this dead, hopeless tree. I wonder how long it will continue to stand before it falls over and floats away, to rot and decay from the inside out? And, will anyone notice? Will anyone care?

This tree isn't much unlike the orphans in Zim and throughout the world. They live surrounded by thriving life, going largely unnoticed, untended, and uncared for. Sad, when nourishment is so close and even often, in abundance.

The greatest source of nourishment isn't water or food. It is love.

Love saves lives.

Love is free.

I don't want to be the love the stands still and remains quiet. I don't want to be the love that gets close but not close enough. I don't want to be the love that gives only once I have received. I don't want to be the love that only nourishes my own.

I want to be a representative of the love that keeps the branches alive. Jesus.


Linda said...

Melissa, I want to love that way too. Sometimes I feel the love in my heart and yet don't do anything or put action to that loving feeling.

This tree was a good object lesson! Thanks for writing this post.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Melissa Irwin said...

Thank you, Linda. I'm thankful to know my writings are meaningful to someone other than me. Writing these thoughts out in a creative medium is more painful to me than most realize. Processing hurts, but helps.

Someone asked, why are you taking a picture of a dead tree? Well, someone needs to acknowledge the truth.

The Clicks said...

Simply beautiful, yet profound. We could all learn a lot from you, Melissa. Thanks for being such a great teacher and for loving so completely with that big ole heart of yours.