Friday, August 20, 2010

A Few Steps On the Other Side of the World

This is not all of the girls...just a few. I LOVE this first photo of Bev (aka Bevi). She is wearing a sweet little summer sweater that I bought from Target. I just love the way it fits her perfectly. Bevi wants to be a Broadcast Journalist. She is a great speaker and presenter.

This is precious #3. She is studying for Risk Management. She is an amazing girl.

This is sweet Sarah. Sarah is in a life skills program and is learning to sew. She is a questionable life ahead of her. I asked her if she is afraid, and she securely told me "no." She also has an incredibly precious singing voice.

This is Precious #2. I love her so much. She is forever smiling and always have a huge warm hug to give. She is a great dancer.

This is Emily. Emily intrigues me a great deal, however I know the least about her. She keeps to herself, seeming to not need affirmation or attention. But she is stunning and I cannot stop looking at her beautiful face. On my last morning with the kids in Zim, Emily stood up to say some final words to me. She spoke with profound wisdom and sensitivity. She shared a part of her heart with me that I've never seen before. She rocked my world and she sealed my love for her.

If you keep coming to my blog to read about this adventure that is my life, between my growing in faith, my special experiences with my family, mothering 3 boys, mothering a child with Down syndrome, and traveling to Africa to minister to orphans.....well, I thank you. It is not a cliche to state that I have been forever changed, again.

I've asked God a lot of times over the past 2 years.... why Zim? Why THESE kids? They are already what is my purpose in their lives? He used the kids to reveal some of the answers to me while I was there this time. I'm still trying to process the magnitude of the few steps my feet have trod in Africa, on the other side of the world.

I'll share more soon. For now, all I can do is praise Jesus.

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