Monday, August 30, 2010

Bored Americans

I attended church yesterday as usual. But I gotta tell ya, my pastor killed it yesterday. I love my church and I usually always glean something from his messages, but yesterday I could have stood up and cheered.

He has been teaching a series of messages called "DNA" which is basically about the makeup and structure of our church....meaning the people. He and the other leadership have a vision for our church to not just show up on Sundays, but to do life together.....AND to answer the calling to the great commission of the go out (locally or internationally) and share the message and the love of Christ. Sharing the love of Christ means to be generous with everything that we have.....our love, our money, our skills, our words of encouragement, our physical encompasses so much.

Pastor Pete shared many alarming statistics about poverty, traffiking, death, unclean water, orphans, torture, etc.....all throughout the nations. Alarming statistics.

The message to stir us to move was incredible. But it wasn't even the message itself that I was most moved by....(although on its own, it was moving). What I loved the most is that my pastor was completely and utterly unapologetic.

He made no apologies for offending those who don't give.
He made no apologies for stirring those who don't move.
He made no apologies for those who don't love........others.
He made no apologies.....and I applaud him for that.

Afterall, Jesus doesn't apologize for the truth being the truth. Pete said missions isn't supposed to be a program in the church. It is why the church exists. Period.

Pastor Pete says we get bored. We are comfortable with our lives that are far too glamorous and far too easy....(those are my words not his).

I encourage you to hear the message. It was incredible. You can go to and you'll be glad you did.

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Pete A. said...

Wonderful! Sounds like your pastor preaches exactly what we've been trying to teach.

We are still praying for Fatima to get enough money from you, or someone, so that all the kids can go to school. Especially after what you and Anne Jackson have told us happens to many orphans who can't stay in school.

Prayers and love,

Pete & family