Thursday, August 7, 2008

super fast itsy bitsy spider

I've been trying to capture some itsy bitsy spider action for a while. As with most experiences in life....once we get used to something, we tend to rush through it. Shawn no longer pays much, if any, attention to the here is his lightening fast (and I mean don't blink or you might miss it) version of the ever popular classic, Itsy Bitsy Spider. Oh, and yes....he is sitting in a box. It's our family room toy box....which he likes to sit in.

In other Shawn news....the heart surgery has been put off until spring, because Shawn is too small and needs to fatten up and grow a bit. It will most likely be open heart surgery, verses the simpler procedure...but it will be the best choice for him.

Love to everyone.


Anonymous said...

He is getting so BIG and smart. Love that little, so precious!

Tam said...

oh wow! he is yummy! so adorable melissa!