Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the sappy passionate friend, in me

Here is a letter I wrote today to my bible study group. We're getting ready to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together. They let me be me....and here I share the me that I am with them, with you. We are taking a tiny break before we begin our next study. I missed them.

Dear Sujette, Pat, Julie, Sharon, Pam, Wyndi and Elaine (in no particular order, for all are winners)

It is the eve of Thursday, which is nothing to be excited about, right? Right! It was just a day. A day without my girls and bible study. A day without my community that helps hold me together like glue holds together a broken treasure. I am beginning to see myself like a treasure to the Lord. I see you all that way too. Treasures to me and to Him, but mostly to Him because He loves you perfectly.

In my new routine of the taking the boys to their precious pre-school at Vanderbilt, and my un-routinely week of not gathering together with the brood of you this morning, I decided I might need a filler… know….something to hold me over until our lunch next week. I decided on Tuesday to bounce into Borders to use the gift card that you gave me so unnecessarily. In keeping with the spirit that the card was given me, I decided I would peruse the Christian section, which is not a Christian section, but a Religious section and I was reminded there are other religions…(who knew?). The Beth Moore section was small. The Joel Osteen section was big and smiley. My eyes were drawn to 3 books by Anne Lamott, “Traveling Mercies”, “Plan B”, and “Grace, Eventually”. I did not know a thing about Anne. I had only read another author had written somewhere that if she could have lunch with anyone besides Jesus, it would be Anne Lamott. My expectations were not large, but of somewhat significant height.

I am blessed!

I am not one of those insane people (like some of you) who sit and read a book in one sitting. It isn’t possible for me. My eyes grow weary and my brain spoils and I give up after 25 pages. I finish books, but it takes me a while. I am a slow reader. God had so designed that you would give me a gift card and that it would be for a non-Christian bookstore so that I would really have to weed through the garbage to find the pearl that is Anne Lamott. I read “Traveling Mercies” in one day. I read ½ of “Plan B” today. Ask me if my house is clean….no wait…don’t ask.

My gift card was for $50. The three books cost $49.10. I have .90 cents left to blow but will save it for something special.

Thank you for my 3 Anne Lamott books. Thank you for thinking me opening my door on Wednesday mornings is a big deal.

I love ya’ll, for real!


eveannunziato said...

Seriously, Melissa, this is wonderful! You're so thoughtful and I'm sure your "girls" appreciated all of your kind words and support. I LOVED reading this. You rock!

Oh, and Charlie keeps telling me, every day, that you think he should run for President! He just LOVED hearing that from you!!

Melissa said...

You are just the greatest. I so wish I knew you IRL. It sounds like your friends know what a treasure they have in you!