Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mischevious Laughter

There is this particular laughter that comes out of Asher. I'd recognize it anywhere. It is the specific laugh that indicates Shawn is doing something bad and Asher is enjoying watching the process....almost as much as if the bad behavior was his own....only better, because Asher will not get into trouble for something clearly carried out by his angelic baby bro.

It is a telling laugh, and it makes me nervous. Has Shawn eaten the dogfood again? Has he taken a hefty bite out of the antique china cabinet? Recently, with all of his talented walking skills, Shawn has begun to reach for and grasp a beverage, take off on a smooth trot (not) and demonstratively spill a trail of evidence for as far as the eye can see.

I'll admit, I've seen him in action from a distance, and it is quite hysterical, until I have to clean it up.

Can I tell you that it is a gift beyond measure to see him walk? Could I stress to you that I can see in my small child, that his brain connects to the all knowing fact he is doing something wrong...and to see him know he is doing something bad is better than not. It thrills me to no end that his little hands need a spanking sometimes. It kills me (in a good way) that he has a strong will and a determination beyond what I thought he might have, not knowing anything about Down syndrome at his birth. I did not know who he would be. This kid is so normal! He's wild and energetic. He loves to have books read to him, to dance and to sing songs. He loves food (amen)........ and the monkey loves to sneak off with mommy's cold iced tea (southern style).

Here is a video of Shawn walking. I tried to get the older video clip to go first, but the newer one starts off. He really is doing a great job of walking! Enjoy this very short video.


DEb said...

You post the CUTEST VIDEOS EVVVEEERR!! I love that little one (both of your little ones!!) Kyla LOVES to see little Sean and misses him at church.... and YOUR laughter is the best in this video!!

loridknerr said...

I love it.......Yea, Shawn!! Yea, Shawn!! He DOES have the sweetest little feet, doesn't he?!

Tam said...

i think its awsome that hes walking...but what i love the most is the "Im your biggest fan" sound in your voice! i. love. that!!!

crosspointfitness said...

yea Shawn! Girl, I'm glad I found your blog again today. Smiling again! Kay

Monica said...

I kinda took the summer off (summer is way to short here in MN) but, boy am I having fun getting caught up on your blog!!!! LOVE that little Shawn, and Asher too!!!!! sorry to hear about your car accident. Can't wait to hear more of Shawn's adventures now that he is a walking machine. Sending love from MN!!!!