Saturday, August 30, 2008

Catching UP and Down

Aren't most weeks of most peoples lives sprinkled with ups and downs? It's nature. It's ebb and flow. It's life.

My ups this to see Jimmy Fallon perform at Zanies with 3 great friends on Thursday night. My face still hurts from laughing so hard. That was super fun.
I've enjoyed a little pleasure reading, having discovered the author, Anne Lamott. She is my new fav and I'm on the 3rd book. (Not typical for me).
I've started my new missions blog, as I answer the call to go and serve for God. I'm both tormented and excited about the directions God is choosing for me.
I got to see Spencer smiling one day this week, after a couple of weeks of not seeing him at all.
My mom retired on Friday, which brings her much happiness. I am so happy that she does not have to continue to spend all of her energy in a job that doesn't offer much reward.
I got to eat at Everything Bagel, at star Bagel, with a side of cream cheese.
I got to see my little friend, Amaya, who is 7.

My downs this week..........both Asher and Shawn have been sick with colds.
My pain in my neck, shoulder, back, wrist, and forearm from my wreck on 8/3 is not getting better with physical we seek new treatments. Yuk.
My car was supposed to be repaired, but it is not.
I said "shit" at least twice....but not in front of my children. I also cursed at a bug at Pam's barn when it would not leave me alone. (3 curse words in one week is 3 too many for me.)
I learned this past week that a precious and dear woman I know and am priviledged to do business with on a regular basis was diagnosed with breast cancer.
My sweet cousins, Julie & Scott, lost their dad this week. He took a shower, got dressed, sat on the sofa, propped up his feet, and died. He was too young (I think under 60). I can't go to the funeral in Arkansas, despite my efforts at working out all the conflicts. I hurt for them. And I am reminded again, that life is brief.

It is simply no secret that life is marbled with joyful moments and then deep despair. Everyone shares this lot in life. There is no escaping hardship. No one is immune to pain. I do believe that God equips us to use pain for good, in life. I do not believe though that everyone believes that, nor do I believe all things are wrapped up in neat and tidy packages, when it is all said and done. I do believe though, that there are opportunities in despair and there are gifts in both life and death. We just have to be willing to know that.


DEb said...

Here is an "UP" for you..

go to my webblog...

crosspointfitness said...

not meaning to make fun, but the words, 'blessings and cursings' came to my mind. thank you for sharing so openly and freely. you encourage me with your thoughts. it is remarkable to see how only God can bring good out of EVERY circumstance.

eveannunziato said...

A friend once told me we're either about to head into a storm, or we're in the midst of a storm, or we just passed one. Sums up the seasons of our lives don't ya think!!

Great post!!!

Sarah said...

I love this post. I am very much an up and down person, and sometimes I hate it. But I've noticed that going through various struggles makes the joys in life that much sweeter. And yes, God definitely works for our good in all circumstances.