Monday, August 4, 2008

Crunch Smash Boom Bam - Ouch I'll get to the title in a moment. But first, let me tell you how wonderful I am. (You need to read this with a smile on your face!)

I am a saint. (remember, keep smiling)

Yesterday, I hopped in my car to go do some things, and as I was leaving my subdivision, I saw 2 familiar dogs just roaming around. They belonged to my neighbor. So, being the saint that I am...I pulled over and rescued them from their certain lonely life as strays and returned them to their home, where I found the garage door and one of the interior doors wide open. I locked them up tight. Good deed....done. (and yes i called them so i could appropriately receive my verbal reward!)

Earlier in the day yesterday, I went to my friend Pat's house to feed her dog while they were away for a brief trip to visit family. My only responsibility was to feed the outside dog. A simple task. But, because I am a saint, I also fed her fish, and turned on the hose to water the garden. That is what saints do, afterall. Later, I returned to her home to turn off the hose. Am I precious, or what?

So....then, it was time for Pam to return home from her 2 week vacation. I have been taking care of her horses....(because I am a saint)..... My plan yesterday evening, around 5pm, was to go to the barn, give her horses baths, and brush the tangles out of their manes. I was also going to put a fresh clean awesome wrap on Moreau's injured leg (like I have been doing daily because I am a...saint)....

I was also going to take pictures of the horses to post on my blog so that you could see how gorgeous they are....but instead, this is the only photo I have to show you....

Ok, so now that I have gently informed you that I was in a car accident last night at 5:15pm, on my way to perform some saintly have gathered that I am okay, and so you should not be having a heart attack (MOM). By the way.....if my mom would keep her cell phone turned on, she might have gotten a personal phone call...but, nah.

But here is the real deal. It was horrifying. I was not part of the initial collision...but simply an occupant of innocent space, caught in the aftermath. I was so fortunate to have not been seriously injured, and even more deeply blessed that my children were not in the car. I am sore and still a little shook up....because the images of what happened before I got smashed, were pretty scary.

Please pray for the other 2 drivers of the other 2 cars. Both are young women, without life threatening is one of those accidents where you look at one of the cars and wonder how that occupant survived.... It was a high speed collision without warning. One of the other cars flipped multiple times and every side was smashed. The young lady that was paying no attention, and caused the senseless accident...has not yet even recovered from her last car was evidenced by the brace on her leg, the surgery scars, and her own admission. She will be uninsurable for a while...and probably should be. Her parents were furious (at first) and I witnessed that they forgot to tell her that they were happy she is okay. I am happy she is okay. Her life matters. I'm not happy that she smashed up my mode of transportation, but I am happy that I got to hug her and tell her, "it's just a is all that matters".

So, why am I am saint? Well, I'm NOT! But my sweet neighbor saw me and're such a good didn't deserve this. And well.....sure I did. I live in a fallen world where there are no guarantees. ((I should add here that I do definitely contribute to the fallen-ness of this world). Being a Christian does not protect me from harm, does not shield me from oncoming traffic, does not get me a pass on disease, and does not mean that I will never expierience loss, hurt or suffering. It does however equip me to be able to do life with some grace, only God given grace. It does increase my confidence and it does afford me joy and the ability to be blessed. I am blessed today and everyday that I wake up alive.

I hope you feel your blessings everyday. Is there something today that you can acknowledge as a blessing, that you otherwise take for granted?


Anonymous said...

so glad you're okay and your kids weren't with you.

now i know who to call when we need someone to watch out dog! :) just teasing!

Tam said...

well little miss saint ;-)

im so glad you were there to love on that girl. you think God may have allowed all this just for that? i dont know.

i love your attitude melissa! youre so right...none of us are immune to disaster. and quite often, we are the contributors of it.

praising Him for your safety and the others safety as well!!!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear you're ok. Scary!

I have a friend who always says she's so thankful that we don't get what we really deserve---that God is gracious.