Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shawn's First Day at Pre-School

**Update** Please notice that below is a VIDEO of Shawn, not just a lonely looking photo. My sweet pastor told me at church tonight that he didn't realize it was a video. And I thought he was soooooooo high tech. I guess he didn't notice the arrow, a universal symbol for "play". Go ahead, give it a go. And Pete, when you rewatch the video that you once thought was a photo, don't forget to add a new comment telling me how precious Shawn is! I laugh.***

In just one week of pre-school, Asher's manners have improved as well as his identification of the letters of the alphabet. He absolutely LOVES his 1/2 days at school. He hasn't quite fallen in love with the lunch menu.... His classroom is called "Polar Pals"

Shawn has loved his classroom too. His room is called "Busy Bees". What I love about this school is that each classroom has children with special needs right alongside children without. The teachers are amazing...and that is an understatment. Here is a video of Shawn on his first day. I picked him up at noon and he was in the middle of lunch. Look at him sitting in this tiny chair at a tiny table. And with a PLATE! Normally, I feed him in a high-chair with his food directly on the tray.

Everyday, Asher says "Mommy I hope Shawn has a great day in Busy Bees". He also expresses his thoughts of his baby brother to his teacher, Miss Ashley. You can see here that Shawn does indeed enjoy his days with the other busy bees.



Pete Wilson said...

He looks so lonely at the table. What a sweetheart.

DEb said...

First things first, KYLA says you HAVE to bring baby Shawn to the 9:00 am service so he can be in her class!

We were watching the video and just LOVING IT MELISSA!!!!!! Thanks for posting such happy moments and sharing w/everyone! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

btw/ we now have to go back through your blog to find the video of Shawn dancing, so Kyla can watch it AGAIN!! :)

Jennifer said...

How adorable!! That smile is so precious!

Melissa said...

He is so darling. Very sweet...

crosspointfitness said...

Yea! I am so happy I got to see this today. Made me smile. Kay