Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Month

What a beautiful, steady trickle of provision. I am watching it flow like a stream slowly but surely on its way where it will pour down like a waterfall into the mouths of thirsty children.

The Lord God pours His spirit onto you and He lavishes His grace upon you. You are letting His spirit shine through you, and in individual and beautiful acts of grace, are sharing what you have with those who have little to nothing. You are reaching out across the oceans, into the dry land in the southern region of Africa, and you are sharing your love, your resources and your compassion with an orphanage Mum and her motherless and fatherless children. There are nearly 100 of them. All ages. All sizes.

Some of those children are HIV positive. Some of those children were badly beaten by their grandparents after their parents died, because the grandparents didn't want them. Some of them watched their siblings die in their very own arms because no one would care for them and get them the treatment that they needed. One young man lost his parents and his twin brother, all to Aids, not that long ago. One precious young girl had to run away from her grandparents after her parents died....because they were so awful. She was attacked by babboons before she was rescued by the wonderful woman who is her Mum today.

Mrs. Maruta has rescued a lot of children. She continues to rescue children. She manages food, clothing and education for 5 households worth of children. In some cases, there are 20 - 30 people living in approximately 1400 square feet of space. These very people have joy. These very people have faith like I could only dream of having. These very people love you, and they don't even know who you are....but I have told them there are people who are healping provide that truck. They have fasted for you (and me) and are praying for you (and me). We are proving to them that they matter. We are proving to them that they are worthy of all that God wants to give them way out there in the middle of nowhere. We are proving to them that all things are possible to those who believe in Christ....cuz let me tell ya...they are certainly believing Him and believing IN Him.

The truck will make it possible to travel further, to purchase larger quantities of food at better prices. The truck will make it possible to effeciently deliver food to all of the orphanage homes without having to make multiple trips, saving both time and money. The truck will make getting the HIV positive kids back and forth to their clinic appointments for their meds, much more efficiently than one small car...which happens to be out of commission at this point. This is just the beginning of what the truck will do to provide incredible service in the lives of these kids, and to aid the operation of the orphanages. It isn't just a truck, it's a tool. It isn't just a truck, it's a meal service. It isn't just a truck, it's a hospital on wheels. It isn't just a truck. It is your love.

Today, a surprise check for $500 showed up in my mailbox. Given to me by a woman who has very little. But a gigantic heart swells inside of her. Her love and her fingerprints are all over the truck.

In one week, we have raised $6,000. We have one month to come up with about $4,000 more. Do you think God can do that?

You bet'cha! I double-dog dare you to believe it!

James 1:27 "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Will you blog for this cause? Will you send out an email to your friends and family? Will you ask your co-workers to pitch their spare change into a jar in the copy room? Will you sacrifice a pizza this week and donate $20? Will you sell a couple of CD's that you don't listen to anymore? Will you take a leap of faith like so many already have? Will you donate a percentage of your profits today?

This is so fun y'all. I just can't help myself. Have fun! And may God bless your faithfulness!

Have I told you lately that I love you? Man, I really really do!

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