Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today, $100 hit paypal and an unexpected check for $1,000 showed up in my mailbox. To say that I sobbed a mixture of tears and snot today would be an understatement. I don't know what God is doing to you during this experience, but He is totally knocking my socks off. I believe in the depth of my soul that He intends for me to trust Him with my mission, my finances, and all of my life. He is using this experience to teach me some incredibly valuable lessons. And He is teaching me to step out even further in faith than I ever have before.

Thank you deeply to EB and CM for your donations today. I loved you anyway.

I also received the first $1,000 pledge today....so my cash in hand is up to $3,500. Praise Jesus. Add that to the $2,000 that has been pledged and we are creeping awfully close to $6,000. Ok, it's $5,500 but I like to round up. I'm approaching this with the cup not just half full, but overflowing.

I will share more later, but that's the quick good news for now.

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