Friday, February 12, 2010

Camping in the Snow

Last night we went camping. And by "we" I mean Joe and Asher. And by "camping" I mean, sleeping in the living room under make shift tents. And no matter that the snow outside has almost completely melted. Ok, I have just completely ruined this blog post. Let me start over.

Two nights ago Asher got it into his precious sweet head that he wanted to have a camping night in our living room, complete with hotdogs and smores. Well, on Wednesday night I couldn't pull all of that off on short notice, so I planned his dream evening for last night.

I should go back and mention that I kept the boys home from school yesterday because they are minorly sniffely and I am majorly sniffely. My mom came over to watch them while I ran out to do 2 hours worth of work in the early afternoon, and to purchase our camping foods at the grocery. But aside from that 2 hours, Asher talked about our indoor camping adventure all day long. And by all day, I mean every 27 seconds. I was ready to toss that kid to a pack of wolves. Ok, that was harsh. I was ready to wrap him in duct tape but keep him indoors safely out of the reach of any wolf packs.

Where was I?

Smores! Ah yes. That's where I was, almost. So when Asher discovered the package of marshmellows that I obviously failed to hide well, thus decreasing the 27 second breaks between jabbering about camping, down to a mere 9 seconds.......I had to breakdown and start the camping early.

Asher saw me retrieve our old crib mattress and the boy had the nerve to say, "Mommy, why are you getting the mattress now? I thought you weren't going to bring it out until bedtime!". Little did he know I was about to give him some sedatives and tuck him in right away. Ok ok ok....I shouldn't joke that way. I don't even have any sedatives. I was gonna get him liquored up. Gosh, there I go again.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, chocolate. So anyway......we had our hotdogs which I did cook in a pan of boiling water to make it more special than microwaving them. And we had some raw veggies, just like they do in the wild. Then, it was time for smores. The smores that Asher had been talking about every 9 seconds, all day long. I found our fire starter thingamajiggy and went to town roasting a marshmellow right in our kitchen. Graham crackers, a nice chunk of Hershey's milk chocolate and voila! I handed it to Asher and he almost cried. He didn't want it.

Where are my boots cuz I'm gonna drop kick this kid into the next county? Ok, that was drastic. I'll drive him.

But this story ends well. I told Asher he would eat the smore, or else. And he did. AND, he loved it. Then me and my sickly body went and crawled into my tiny little king sized bed with soft sheets and and fluffy mattress while the boys did there thing in make shift tents in the living room.

As much as the non-stop jibber jabber almost turned my hairs gray, I LOVE committing to Asher and helping pull off his plans. I love to see his joy. I just love it. Life is fun when you turn the living room into a camp grounds. Maybe this year we can go on a real camping trip.

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Sarah said...

I loved this story, Melissa! You are hilarious.