Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Thumb and Other Treasures

Shawn is doing really well. His heart is still not beating in the correct rhythm, but it is beating on its own, and the doctors are very encouraging and optimistic that it is just a matter of time.

My little man is now free from the oxygen mask, the line that was sewn into his neck, and the line that was in his left arm. This means that there is nothing close to his face that he can yank out, and therefore....he has a thumb to suck. This is great news! His thumb makes him very happy. I also got to give Shawn a bottle of apple juice which he loved loved love and threw the perfect fit when it was all gone. This is a sure sign that my boy is coming back! When he rouses a little later, I will give him yogurt, and my prediction is that he will be one very happy camper.

We are getting moved soon to the PICU, which is exciting. The rooms are much more family friendly and I will have a more comfortable night of sleep tonight. Asher and Joe are coming in a while. Asher has been really very anxious to see Shawn. Shawn looks great! He is not slowen or puffy, so I believe it is going to be very good for Shawn. The chest tubes and the long incision are covered by a sheet, so Asher will not see the things that might be alarming to him.

Asher has been spreading the news about Shawn throughout the preschool. He is planning a welcome back party.....and I am totally serious about this. Asher is a serious dude, and he's not messing around. He explained what he knows about the procedure to his class yesterday and he instructed that everyone make Shawn a card...and they did. I am blown away at how much Asher is thinking of Shawn and how he is rallying other peeps for this occasion. I believe Asher will most likely be like this the rest of his life. He loves little Shawn very much. It is probably the neatest thing I get to see as their mom. They share very sweet hugs everyday and they play so well together. Asher is an incredible big brother. I am so proud of him. Asher is a treasure.

The other treasures I want to mention briefly here are our amazing support system. Not only have we been visited multiple times by the incredible Pastor Tom, other church staff that have visited us include Blake, Pete, Ashley, and Jenni. We are so grateful for such a loving and support church staff. Also, my wild bible study girls called today while they were all together....and we spoke on the speaker. I am just not worthy of all this love God has gathered around me and my family. We have received countless phone calls and emails. Mr. Monty brought us cupcakes today and we have several other visitors planned for the rest of the week. I'm just blown away. I'm pretty speechless. God is so good, and one of the most amazing ways he proves this to me over and over is in community and friendships. Aside from the blessing of family and beautiful, darling, precious is the fellowship and community that blesses me more than I ever could have imagined. Good friends rock!

I don't know how long we'll be here. Shawn could go home as early as Friday or it could be Sunday or Monday. Some of this will depend on when he can get his 3 chest tubes out, and most will depend on the rhythm of his heart. We still need it to get into the regular sinus rhythm. This part is unpredictable. For now, he is sleeping. And when he wakes up, he will eat yogurt.

I love you! Whoever you are!

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Sarah said...

I'm so glad Shawn is starting to feel better. The story about Asher was really heartwarming. I'm glad they will get to be together again. I'm sure it will do Shawn a world of good.