Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today, my oldest son is 20 years old. This is rocking my world. Oh, Lord help me!

Today, my heart is heavy for many challenging situations that I have been made aware of. Today, a baby I am praying for is having a very risky surgery. I'm on pins and needles for the udpates.

Today, I am in prayer for friends who are trying to raise thousands of dollars to adopt 4 (FOUR) children in Ethiopia. These children are siblings, young, on the streets waiting for a place in an orphange...and then eventually to be able to come here to their forever home. For now, they wait and they pray that their children will be safe until that time.

Today, I am grieved over several friends who are going through divorces, and knowing how they are hurting, how conflicted they are feeling, and knowing that in some cases, glimmers of hope are just slipping away.

Today I am grieved over people who are confused about Christ Jesus, feeling empty and hopeless. And I am praying for people who have recently suffered loss or abandonment.

Today, I am grieved over finances. Our life is becoming so complicated. I pray about it. I give it to God.

Today, I am in prayer for various friends facing various challenges with their own families. There are surgeries to pray about, finances, marriages, health, dysfunctions, addictions, and salvation.

It's a heavy day.

I'm okay that I'm feeling this heaviness. I'm thankful that God would allow me to share in some of the pain others are experiencing, because my hope is that there is some transfer and shift of grief, and that the people I am praying for today, will feel lighter as a result.

God is good, even in grief. He allows pain to strengthen us. He allows us trials so that we may grow, perservere, and develop the maturity in faith that He designed for us.

Blue is one of the colors in the rainbow. I'm feelin it.


Melissa said...

I don't know what to say, but wanted you to know I'm here, thinking of you, praying for some of these needs you mentioned.

Tracy said...

so grateful to be on your prayer list! praying all those on it will take on HIS light easy yoke. :)

Sarah said...

I never thought of it that way--that blue is one of the colors of the rainbow. I do know that feeling blue now and then helps me appreciate the good times more.