Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday - Shawn stuff

I spent the night at home last night with Asher while Joe stayed with Shawn. On a side note, Joe also ate everything in the fridge, in the goodie bag, everything he could reach. He even ate the crackers I was planning on having for my morning breakfast.....but hey, who's caluclating 36 assorted crackers with peanut butter, cheese, etc?

Can I just mention here also that I'm having a very bad hair day? Well, I am.

Shawn....... oh this sweet boy. He is getting at least one tube out today, and also possibly the "wires" and maybe all the chest tubes....but we know a lot of things can change in a few hours, so I'm not holding my breath. IF he does get all of his tubes out today, there is a chance he can be discharged at the end of the day tomorrow....but again, no breath holding.

I'm so excited about the possibility of tubes coming out because that will mean much more snuggle time with him. This smells very good to me. He is enjoying watching some Elmo DVD's this morning. This can only be concluded by his attmempt at making some animal sounds earlier....i think a quack to be exact. We still haven't seen our sweet boy smile or heard him giggle......he might be mad at us. But his thumb sucker is working beautifully.

Can I mention now also that Shawn is having a very bad hair day today? Well, he is!

Thanks so much for continuing to pray for us and follow along with the details. We are so so so blessed. Thanks also to Frank and Tamara, Pat, and Pam who all popped in on us yesterday and surprised us with sweet smiles and goodies. Ya'll rock.

Now, having said that......please no pop ins today, because with the looming probability of tube removals and such, we know it could be very busy in here, and we might get kicked out of his room a bunch.

Love love love! God bless all of you. And thank you Jesus for incredible reports for our baby.

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