Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well yep, there's a howdy and a hello.

I am sitting in my garden chair. In case you think that means I am sitting in my garden, in a chair...that is not what it means. It means that I am sitting in a lazy-boy brand chair that is actually a slighty overstuffed chair with an ottoman, that was once yellow, but is now more like khaki, thanks to the magic of slipcovering....and said chair, is positioned next to the window, that provides eyes to the garden I have planted outside. And in case you are wondering if it is a vegetable garden, because we love the earth and we value our God-given ability to fertilize soil, plant seed, and harvest a crop....well nope, you'd be wrong again. It is a haphazzard flower garden. And by haphazzard, I am simply stating that when I planted it, I didn't have a stinkin clue basic understanding as to what I was actually doing....but all in all, it has turned out okay and it makes me smile.

The hubbbeeeeeee is outside mowing the lawn. He keeps looking at me through the window to see if I'm going to wave paying attention to him, and I am, but I am pretending that I am not. (snickers)

My snowball bush has bloomed this week. The Eastern Snowball bush, IMO (in my opinion) has to be one of the jolliest plants I have ever seen. First of all, it is the only blooming species I know of that produces WAY TOO MANY blooms. It kinda reminds me of the way Shawn crams entirely too many grapes in his mouth and then the juice just comes pouring down his chin, shirt, pants, legs, toes, and onto the floor. He just cannot fit that many grapes in his mouth and it makes me completely giggle. (A complete giggle is more intense than a partial giggle). Likewise, my snowball bush is only about 3 1/2 feet tall and as big around as a large truck tire....but it has literally about 100 large blooms on it. Imagine....say....a snowball...but 100 of them, hanging off a bush. They are heavy and it weighs the whole bush down. It should be called a Heavy Eastern Snowball Bush on Steroids, but, I do not normally win naming contests.

That's it, really. It is Sunday. Daddy is home today which is not the norm, as he has worked almost every Sunday for the past 3 years. He has already taken the boys to the playground for well over an hour. I have been reading most of the day, and now I'm selflessly focusing on your joy and amusement. Oh, and about that..... Asher shared with me this week several ways that we can save the earth. I think he may be going green.....but his first earth-shattering revelation this week was that we can save the earth by not "glittering". Hmmmmmmmmm...... I think he might be right. (wink)

So, have a great day, and please, for the love of Jesus, please don't glitter.


Sarah said...

Oh, I needed this today! Thank you for making me smile. Several times. I promise not to glitter!

Anonymous said...

love pat z