Monday, March 22, 2010

Territories - and Leaning Back


As you can see, my blog is receiving a makeover. Yay.

A sweet neighbor brought me $50 for Fatima's truck. Glory be! AND, today another friend of mine hired me to help her with some things next week in exchange for some truck money. The cool thing....she knows I would have done it for free.


Sometimes I receive emails from Fatima saying that she and the teenagers are praying for God to increase my relationships and to increase my contacts. She prays for abundance for my family. The children pray all sorts of things regarding me. I have stood with them and listened while they pray. I have come to see that the less a person has, be it money, relationships or health, the more that person relies on God. I know this is true in my life with the ebb and flow of have and have not. But there is something incredibly special that seems to happen in the heart of the person who lives in a perpetual state of "have not". I might even believe on some level that those who live in 3rd world countries with little resources whatsoever, (if they know Christ) can have the deepest level of intimacy with God. These children and Fatima have such faith. They have such love for the Lord. I cannot even put it into words. Their prayers are just so very special.

When I was there in December of 2008 the girls asked to sit with me and talk. I could not believe the questions that they asked me. Almost everything they wanted to know involved how they could increase their faith, how they could show God more and more how much they love Him. They wanted to know more about obedience. And then they taught me way more than I taught them. Again, not capable of the words to explain it.

Today I received an email from Fatima. She reminded me that the children are praying for me daily. The end of her email said "Thank you for allowing Jesus Christ to use you in such a manner. May He increase your territory and be your closet companion like never before." I'm not sure what God is planning with my territory, and I'm not picky. Make it big or make it small. But I'll tell you what thrills me. God will be my closest companion like never before. How do I know that? Because He listens to those children. He placed an incredible ministry in the heart of Fatima and He is blessing her territory. Their faith is so incredible that if those children begin praying for my mountains to move, they will move.

I am sitting here with a lump in my throat and tears welling up under the territory of my eyelids. The territory of my heart has swelled to a size that feels like there is not sufficient room in my chest cavity. My stress is gone. My worry about my finances is gone. My distress over my marriage is gone. My friendships are stronger than ever. Healing has spread through every dark alley in my mind. Since the day that the fundraiser began until today, I am a new person. I am a new, new person.


This morning in the quiet (praise the Lord, hallaluia, amen) I did one day of homework in the "Believeing God" bible study. I did one day in my prayer journal and I spent almost an hour studying the book of John, which I have been re-reading for several days. Something caught my attention this morning like never before. In chapter 13 Jesus is having a discussion with his disciples about events beginning to take place. John points out that he (John) is reclining next to Jesus (at supper). Then at a point in the conversation with all of the disciples, John leans back against Jesus and asks Him a question. I believe with all of my heart that in Spirit, Jesus reclines with us now when we ask. And I believe we can figuratively lean into Him at any time. (Praises be....cuz I need that a lot!). But what I picture in the eyes of my heart is the time of fellowship in Heavenly feasts, where we can take turns sitting next to Him. We can recline with Him there and we can lean back on Him and just talk. We will be filled with such joy when we can lean back on Him. And we will be filled with equal joy when we can watch our other brothers and sisters lean back on Him.

I cannot see them today with my eyes, but I can see them with my heart. My friends in Zimbabwe are leaning back on Jesus right now. And in return, He is caring for them with all of his comfort and compassion. He has given them a portion of peace today and their hope is in abundant supply. I am so glad it is their turn.


Sarah said...

What a glorious compensation to be rich in the faith when you are poor in money. Jesus himself said "Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the kingdom."

I know I rely on God much more in times of need.

Thank you for sharing these inspiring stories.

Melissa said...

I thought I walked in the wrong house at first....what a pretty makeover, friend!! Lovely--like you.

I'm teary reading about all this....about the things that have been heavy in your life now becoming lighter... I am blessed by your blessings. I am blessed by your sweet friends whom I will never meet....and I am blessed knowing that I can trust in the same Jesus who has lightened your load!!

Big smooches and hugs to you!
<3 twinm

Elaine said...

I so love your new look! And you know I love you, and your heart and passion for Jesus. Missing my sisters..Elaine