Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Shawnie

You do not have to tell me how adorable I am in my striped green jacket and my navy & white snowflake hat. I hear about it ALL.THE.TIME. from my mommy and my teacher (who happened to take this precious photo of me).

So, here's what is new with me. I am almost 1 year post-op from open-heart-surgery last March. I'll be visiting my cardiologist soon where I expect he'll tell me how adorable I am. He'll put me through some very aggravating tests where I'll have to be hooked up with sticky things to some machines, all so they can tell me my heart is perfect and that I will never have to come back. My mommy is looking forward to seeing my doctor because he is a sweet and adorable man from Haiti and she wants to ask him about his family. And then she just wants to get the heck out of there, F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

I'm not a good eater. I think I'm vegetarian, except that I also don't eat vegetables, so I guess I'm a cheese-n-cheerio-atarian. And, from that, you can see that my vocabulary is growing. I am, indeed, creative with my sounds and words.

I still get speech, physical and occupational therapy. So many pretty ladies coming to visit me all the time and teach me things. I really dig those ladies. I'm a real ladies man. I am 3, you know.

I still got the groove. Major.

I did not enjoy the snow. Cold weather makes me angry. Ever since being introduced to the sunny beach last September, I'm pretty sure I know where I belong, and it ain't Canada.

My big brother Asher and I are pretty even steven around here. Asher thinks I don't know that he gets extra snuggles with mommy at night while I am in bed. But he's a sucka....cuz he don't know I get all mommies snuggles in the morning while his lazy butt is still in bed. It all works itself out, you know...and I'm cool with that. I am way cool with that. I am the definition of "cool". Look it up.

I'm finally learning a little about how to say prayers. I still have no real clue who Jesus is and why mommy and daddy insist that we talk to him all the time, with our eyes closed and our hands folded in front of us....but I think it's cute so I join in. I mostly smile with my eyes open while their all busy with Jesus this and Jesus that....and my favorite part is the end where I get to say "Memen". Like I said, I'm cool.

Basically, I'm a happy dude. And why shouldn't I be? I got it made. These people love me higher than the sky and deeper than oceans. I don't know what that means, but my momma is always saying that, and I've come to realize that is a whole dang lotta love. (oops, i'm not 'posed to say "dang" so don't tell my momma that I just did.). And I love them too, as is evidenced by my recent separation anxiety. I just want my momma, you know. Can you feel me? I just want that woman. She is da bomb!

My life is a gift. I bless my family and they bless me. And that's what life is about.

You know you love my mad typing skillz. Peace out y'all. I hear the cheerios a callin'.


Elaine said...

You are the sweetest Shawn and a true blessing. I'm praying you get out of that doctor's office real quick and never have to go back! Love and kisses.....Ms. Elaine

Sarah said...

Has it really been a year already? I'm agreeing with you about the doctor's report.

What a sweet, sweet post. I think you must have captured Shawn's thoughts perfectly.