Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Blog

Oh friends....I am happy to be back to my blog today. I miss this outlet when my life gets busy. I have been working alot, and I also got to go to a "grown up" birthday party on Saturday night with my hubs. This year tons of my friends are turning 40, including myself....and so this will be a year for celebrating many people who have touched my life in some way. 40 is very special, I think. I am actually looking forward to it.

Ok, and well a deal is a deal. My many lurkers didn't come out of hiding for my giveaway. I needed 30 comments and got 7. The number I picked was more than 7....so I'm between a rock and a hard place. But I have searched my heart...and my heart really wants each of you to have something.....so that's what I'm gonna do! Yay!!!!!! I'll be working on that for the next week and then I'll begin contacting you to get your goodies to you!

And speaking of lurkers....I need to share something on my heart. This is going to seem to come from left field....but here goes. I only follow 3 blogs that could be classified as hugely popular. Sometimes I comment and sometimes I do not. These blogs easily get hundreds or even thousands of comments per day. I am not trying to be in that category....and here is why. All 3 of those bloggers gained their reader base because of a tragedy that was playing out in the bloggers life, or from heightened attention due to positional influence. Many many hundreds and thousands of people swarmed to their blogs from links for prayer, etc. One of those bloggers had to watch her baby die. Antoher blogger almost lost her baby. And another of those bloggers is in the public eye and scrutinized in a way that would send me right to the psych ward. I sure do not want to lose a baby to have a popular blog. And I sure don't want everyone to start staring at me. Even now....one of these popular bloggers who I LOVE to read....she has people that hate her so much (probably jealousy) that they have designated websites and other blogs for the purpose of writing hateful things about her. Trust me....I want no part of that.

But here is what I do want.... I would love for my blog to be able to generate some income. I would love for my blog to help me raise money for mission trips as well as for projects such as the truck fundraiser. But I cannot do that if my community doesn't come out of hiding. So, I need you. I just do. But more than that...I want you. I want to know who you are. I have a few blog readers whom I have never met face to face but I love them so much and we have formed some amazing friendships. I don't think this will happen 100% of the time....but it happens, and it is very valuable to me.

So....I run into people all the time who tell me that LOVE MY BLOG.....people send me emails or tell me on facebook that my blog is meaningful to them. I am always so grateful for the positive encouragement. It means the world to me. But if those of you who just read it and then move on....if you could practice clicking on the comment button and leaving a little comment.....it could help me do good things with this blog.

I'm just sayin.

TRUCK NEWS!!!!! Since my last post about the truck, I received a $250 donation from a dear friend. I got to reconnect with one of my favorite high school friends and she gave $20. Antoher dear friend gave me $100. We're getting awfully close to $7,000. I'll be honest....I'm praying for MORE. Fatima needs a good truck, so badly. But she also will have to spend $ on the transfer fees, taxes and registration in South Africa and Zimbabwe. I'm not sure how much all of that is.

Remember that there is a paypal "donate" button at the top left on my blog. Go click it and give me some money! LOL

God is good. He is better than good. He is almighty!


julie said...

Ok...I'm convicted that I'm a lurker. I really do love reading your blog..you have such a way with words...you need to write a book:)

Melissa Irwin said...

Julie...suh-weet! Enjoy yourself out here away from lurkdom! Thank you, sister.

camille said...

Yes, you could definitely write a book! I love the suggestions you leave. I'm in the middle of "Same kind of different as me." What a great recommendation. Reading what you give is truly a gift.
---Across the street lurker!

Sarah said...

I can so relate. I don't know why people are so reluctant to comment, whether they know the blogger or not. Maybe it's that they don't want to log in. I so enjoy your blog and the opportunity to partner with you in your missions.

Marcia said...

Yes! Melissa should write a BOOK!!

I admit it, I'm a lurker too. I love your writing and I also like to check on the truck progress...But I'm gonna start commenting.. I really will!

Have a good weekend!!