Monday, March 1, 2010


It is March 1st. I can hardly believe it. Spring will be here oh so soon. I am so thankful for that! I'm ready to see blossoms and blooms. In a big way. But more than anything, I'm dying to transfer money to Fatima in Zim for a blessed truck. Amen! For real!

I am finally going to deposit the monies tomorrow that I have been collecting. I have 12 checks and some cash totalling $3147.85. I also ordered a withdrawal from paypal today, in the amount of $1,613.10. That's $4,760.84. $50 was deposited by SB today in my paypal account. THANK YOU so much!!!!!!

I'm so excited that another friend has pledged $250 by the end of next week...putting us over $5,000 in hand. I know for certain that I am adding $1,000 to that at the end of March, and I'm very hopeful that the other pledge of $1,000 will come through too. My sweet friend "H" pledged it if we can get her house sold in time! So.........if you want to be praying about are all invited to pray that her house sells. Actually...if it does, then I pledge another $1, there are 2,000 reasons to pray about it! :)

We have 24 more days. I'm praying that all of my readers are helping to pray us through this. We are serving the under-resourced.

About them...... I have officially told Mrs. Maruta what I am doing. She is so excited. She is amazing...I just cannot find the words to describe her spirit and her love. She is just an amazing woman! She sent me an email today that she and the children are praying and fasting for us. It blows my mind that kids who don't get tons of food to begin with, will fast from food to be focused in prayer for a cause. They are so beautiful. You would love them! You truly would. (by the is the older kids that are fasting, not the babes.)

Have a beautiful day, you....all of you. My stat counter tells me anywhere from 60 - 80 people are viewing my blog each day. Yet, you are not leaving comments. Please tell me about yourself.....say hi....say something. You're making me feel awfully lonely here. :)


Tracy said...

Hi there! I am so proud of what you are doing and how you are doing it! Love you!

オテモヤン said...


Tracy said...

Hey, you! Check out this comment above mine. I think you might want to delete it?

Melissa Irwin said...

Yes dear Tracy....I know it is there. I receive all comments directly to my email. I chose not to delete that comment so that it can serve as a reminder to me that I have enemies and that not everyone will like what I have to say. But thank you for looking out for me. ;)

Tracy said...

You are the best! That is a great idea. I figured you saw it but it never hurts to know that we have your back. It is kinda like the Velveteen Rabbit . . . now you know you are a "real" blogger! Have an inspired day!