Thursday, March 4, 2010

God Still Speaks (& my first GIVEAWAY!)

Do you remember my "Super Heros and Me" post from a few days ago?

Here's what you don't know. I have been doing a daily prayer study and journal for 17 days. It's a 6 paragraph written prayer commitment. I do it every morning...but THAT morning, I skipped it. I had angst and I couldn't sit still, so I came to the computer to type that blog post instead. Later that afternoon, I finally sat down to do my study.

My scripture reading was Daniel chapter 6. This chapter chronicles the punishment Daniel was to receive for breaking the (law) decree that he was not allowed to pray to God. Daniel was praying 3 times a day, anyway. He was to be thrown into the Lions Den for the hungry lions to devour his flesh, bite by bite. Already very familiar with those scriptures, I read them again, intently. Then I turned in the book I am studying as a prayer guide and the very first line was this.....(remember my super hero post)

"We're tempted to think of heroes like Daniel as supermen with powers unattainable to the average Joe."

Most of you know, my husbands name is Joe. I had posted about how he is clearly not a super hero.

I read that first line. My heart stopped. I gasped for breath, and in fear, I slammed the book shut and I cried. Why? God had just spoken to me. And He is the very one who stopped my heart and took my breath. He is serious about me knowing that He's got this. He has got it, and He is going to work it out to His glory, and part of that is me sharing it here....for you to witness.

I sat in my chair and I let it soak in that while Joe and/or I either together or one at a time, are in and out of that Lion's matter how hungry they are, the Lord God can deliver us out of that cave baracaded by rocks without even so much as a scratch nor any saturation from the drool of the hungry lions. He can. And in this case, I believe He will. Just like He rescued Daniel. He did not let those lions touch a single hair of his head.

Jesus, your name is power, breath and living water. Such a marvelous mystery! Praise your precious name!

Today I am overcome with the heart to share some of the books that I love and that I believe are instrumental in encouraging faith and hope in Christ. I am giving away a group of books and some other goodies. Here is the have to leave a comment, here, on my blog. Emails are not qualified. Your comment can be as simple as "Hi"...or as much as you want it to be. AND.....there must be at least 30 comments by midnight on Friday 4/5. Leave only one comment. I will choose one to send the gift too....and I have already selected the comment # in my mind. In fact, I have chosen 2 numbers, in the event there are a huge number of comments...and then I will draw one from those 2. All I know is that God has already ordained who the gifts to go to.....I just can't wait to know who you are. Please share this giveaway with others if you would like to.

I will announce the winner on Saturday. I don't mind mailing long no matter where you are, it is fine. If you are reading this on facebook, remember to click over to my blog by going to Comments on facebook also do not count. :)

I love the hearts of God's people. I am praying that those of you who already know Him are walking in faith. I pray for those of you who do not yet know God through His son, that you are feeling that tug that will drop you to your knees.

so be it.....


Melissa Irwin said...

Hi y'all. :)

Julie said...

Melissa, thanks so much for your honesty. I don't know the details of your current situation, but I do know that God has not forgotten you (or me!) and that He is constantly sculpting us to be more like Him.

heidi said...

Okay second time is a charm.. Right? I am going to Truro recreat the stroke of brillance that I laid down earlier. It was about how brave you are and I am not. Yahda yadha walls -big.

Sarah said...

Oh, I love giveaways! And I love your blog. I love the way God spoke to you in this story. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

well, you know how much I love you & your heart to follow God & I also love to read. It's a perfect Melissa, love to read enter your giveaway.

Erika said...

Life is what you make of it...and you're making it great! Stay strong!

Elaine said...

I've gotten lax on my reading anything but our study homework. A new book would be great! Loving you my sister in faith. Keep on doing all you do.

Pete & Yvonne Ahlstrom said...

Yes, we all have those moments, don't we? You're right, it's best to tell them honestly. Even I am slowly learning that.

One of my own well intended but definite "oops" moments? You may already know about this one, but Joe may not, and your commentors won't, so. . .

We then lived just south of San Diego. I'd had to drive up to the UCLA campus in NW Los Angeles one day. As I started home, I suddenly remembered the next day was our anniversary, and I hadn't bought Yvonne a present yet! Had to rectify that - now! So I pulled off at the next mall, the huge South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.

OK, I'm in the mall. But I have NO idea what kind of gift to get. And there must be well over a hundred stores here. Which one to try? I felt like the private detective whose personalized plate read "no clue."

Well, there's a JC Penneys. We've often shopped there. So I go in.

So far, so good. But, wow, this is a big store. What to pick? A sweater? Blouse? Underwear? Oh, wait, there's the perfume counter. They should have something nice.

They do. But too much. I never dreamed there were so MANY kinds of perfume! What to choose? Like occasional other husbands, I had no idea. The clerk tried to be helpful. She sprayed several test fragrances on my wrists and forearms. All were nice. But even that didn't help me guess which ones Yvonne might like. Have to admit, I felt like the proverbial "helpless husband."

Then I spotted a bottle of White Shoulders, which I KNEW was one of her favorites. I bought it, and left. Mission accomplished - I thought.

At home, I pulled into the apartment parking lot. Yvonne had been watching at the window, and came down the stairs to greet me. She leaned in through the open car window for a kiss. That's when things went wrong.

Instead of feeling a nice kiss, I suddenly heard. . .


"WHERE have you been???" she demanded.

(Oops! I hadn't given a single thought to how long those sample fragrances might last. Definitely should have!)

Need I tell you that she got her anniversasry present right then and there?

We've been enjoying your blogs, and are glad to know things are getting better. Your counselor has some great ideas. I'm impressed. We'll all keep praying for you and Joe, and keep reading your posts.