Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am going to the Dominican Republic soon...well, early March. It hardly seems possible. I still have Zimbabwe on my brain everyday. I cannot wrap my mind around another desperate need, in an entirely different part of the world....but I'll be on my way to another part of the world where children are starving. This time, I'll be focused on physical work work work. I'm excited about that. Most of the physical work I do revolves around cosmetic improvements. I love to paint, landscape, install hardware, change out lighting, even plumbing fixtures. But in the DR, I'll be helping to construct a feeding center and a church. A church that will reach the community for the Kingdom of Christ and a feeding center that will provide nourishment and extend life, day by day.....literally. I'll be honest.....there is a part of this that I do not want to do. I'm not looking forward to flying I still have not recovered from my last sinuses are messed up and I'm even having some inner-ear dizziness and balance issues. I'm not looking forward to the smells. This time, I'm traveling with a group....whom I mostly do not know...but a group I'll belong to none-the-less, and therefore I might not have time to be by myself, to pray, to regroup, to ponder and process, etc. What if my back hurts? What if I re-injure my wrist? And blah blah blah........ but I am going. And once again, I am going in the hope that I can make even a small difference in the kingdom. I just love the Lord, and I'm thankful He has put these missions on my heart. He is doing an amazing work IN me and I hope to work it out FOR Him.

Thank you to all who have helped me raise the money! I am so blessed and grateful. My goal is almost met....and I could not have done this without the support of others. God Bless you sweet ones!


Sarah said...

I'm glad you have another opportunity to serve. I'll be praying that God uses you as a blessing and also blesses you through the people whose lives you will touch.

"Lolli" said...

One blessing is that the plane trips (2) are to Miami a couple of hours; (1) from Miami to Santiago about the same or a little less. So that will be good. your little bunk you can still have your own quiet time and space. Try to get the bottom bunk, when you first walk in the dorm room, on the left hand side (not the side with the windows). When the door opens up, you won't be able to see that bunk. That's where I always sleep and it's private. I suppose you have a clip on fan and extension cord to take? so wish you were going in July with me :-( You'll be so blessed! I may send a little gift by you to my Dominican son and daughter-in-law if you wouldn't mind. Love you!