Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've received a popular question my new header photo of jasper? YES, it is. The rocks you see in the header are indeed, jasper. You can see that it seems to offer no limit to color. I'm finding it to be pretty magnificent.

When I went to Zimbabwe, I was able to purchase some jasper stones very inexpensively. My favorite is a large stone (about the size of an egg) that is ocean Jasper. It came out of the ocean off the coast of South Africa, probably near Cape Town. I only had to pay $8 for it. I have tried to take a decent photo of it, but I can't seem to get a good one....I'll keep trying.

*****Other changes have taken place on my background, etc. I have also added a feature at the end of each of my posts....where you can check the box next to -funny, -interesting, or -cool. I did this because I have so many "lurkers". I get tons of email about my blog posts.....but all of you are too shy to leave comments. This way, you can mark that you've been reading, without signing in to leave a comment, or even being identified for that matter. You can still remain anonymous...etc. I went to my office for a meeting one day this past week and several people said "oh i love your blog". I was really shocked to even learn they were reading it. I think I have the most popular, least commented, blog on earth. Ha. That's okay.....but I love to know that people are enjoying my blog. It motivates me and inspires me to keep posting.

Stay tuned....I'll be writing more about my trip to Africa this week...and also have a hilarious video to post.

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Sarah said...

Well, here's a public comment. I can sure relate. Other than you and my niece (and her parents), no one ever comments on my blog. It's hard to know if anyone is reading, and I try not to worry about that. Still, it's good to know someone cares.