Friday, January 16, 2009

Dogs, Nuns and Balloons

Ok..... there is nothing important here, except for the cute video at the end. I'm just warning you......

I almost put my dog to sleep. Poor Sammy. Spencer has a sleep disorder, so I've purchased some OTC sleep aid to help him fall asleep at night. The prescription stuff was messing with we decide to try some good'ole Tylenol PM. I was leaving one out each night for Spencer to remember to take it. One night he said I forgot, but I was pretty sure I remembered. Oh well.... this morning I found a pretty blue Tylenol PM geltab in my rug, underneath the dining room table (where Sammy normally sneaks off to destroy things with his teeth). Amazingly....he didn't swallow it....but the evidence is in the fang marks. Bad dog!

Yesterday I was driving my kids to school and I was behind a Honda CRV. The back seat had 3 big white things in it, apparently not moving. I wondered what it was. They looked like ghosts.... but I had kinda decided they were cut-outs or something...maybe a prop of some kind. Or maybe something large in the backseat covered up with a sheet. It just looked weird and funny to me. I was behind this vehicle for at least 10 minutes..... All of a sudden at a stop sign, the 3 ghosts all turned around to look out the back window. I think they passed their destination... but it FREAKED me out! They were nuns.

We may be getting close to the sale of our home. I'm excited and hopeful. I'm on a hunt now for land or a house that will accomodate our needs! I'll keep you all posted! is precious video of Shawn playing with balloons, left over from the baby shower that I hosted here at our house this past weekend. Needless to say, the balloons were a big hit!!! Enjoy!!!!!


Sarah said...

The title of your blog entry really caught my eye. Love it. The video was so cute. It made me laugh and smile.

"Lolli" said...

OMG! Can I just eat them both up! PRECIOUS!