Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I got jiggy with it yesterday...... bustin a move in my car while driving alone and listening to rap music on the radio. I gotta tell ya......I don't like that Kanye West with his "i'm the best attitude" but it's a little difficult to deny he's got some good rhythms. The funny thing is my radio rarely EVER moves off the Christian radio station, WayFM. But once in a while, I wander.

More confessions.....I've said 3 or 4 bad words this week. Satan seems to really be zoning in on my friends families and my own family. He's working overtime. My bible study girls are getting together today after a holiday break and we're gonna really sock it to him. Cover your eyes if you are easily offended...but here is the conversation that Sujette and I had last Sunday night, IN CHURCH of all places.

paraphrased...but not exaggerated...

Sujette: Satan is really working hard on our group.

Melissa: I'm kicking Satan in the nuts this year! (go ahead,'s no sin!)

Sujette: Oh honey, he's got extras...we're gonna have to keep kicking! (for the record, I'm wearing boots to bible study today!)

This conversation went on a little longer, just a few short feet away from Pastor Pete in the lobby, but he didn't hear us, I don't think. I personally think there is no better place to threaten the devil than in church. (please don't quote me on that)

No more confessions today!

Has Satan been harrassing you lately?


Anonymous said...

I love this post, Melissa, not just because you mention your affinity for WAY-FM, but because you made me laugh out loud sharing your story of your on-going fight against the guy in charge of all the demons.

You inspired me to write a post on my own, brand-new blog too. I hope to come back to yours again and dig in deeper to some of your other posts.

I'd love to show my appreciation if I may. We recently printed new WAY-FM t-shirts. Can I send you one? Or, if you'd rather, is there a favorite artist whose CD you've been clamoring for that we might have floating around? Let me know.

Anonymous said...

I've checked and we don't currently have any Brooke Fraser on hand. Can you e-mail me your t-shirt size? My address is

Melissa said... rock. In more ways than one! As my boy would say, "Kick him in the tenders" to steal a phrase from Kung Fu Panda.

DEb said...

This totally CRACKED ME UP.... yeah, Kick 'em in the boys!!!!!