Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Year So Far

So.....2009, eh?

Well, it started off with a lot of drama. And, perhaps that is an understatement. Much of it is not really appropriate to discuss I won't, but drama certainly defines the start of this new year for me. Here we are now on day 3. So far this year, (aside from all things Asher, Shawn and Spencer), I have been horseback riding twice, have been to the grocery store twice, have had one house showing (my house is for sale).... have seen not a single one of my friends yet, have been hiking once, have cleaned my entire house once, have helped Spencer apply for about 10 jobs, have thought about the Zim kids at least 1,000 times, and I have probably burped outloud 6 times. I know that you were dying to know these things.

I am super excited about Real Estate even though the economy is not healthy. I am taking 3 listings in the next 2 weeks and am preparing to help 3 buyers begin the search for their new homes. I have ordered some updated marketing materials and will take over a new desk in my office. All of these things excite me.

My greatest hope for this year though, still centers around Zim. I have discovered through my research and a relationship I developed in Zim, that I can help these kids get clean running water on their property and that while the expense is big, it is not astronomical. I will, hopefully with the help of some fundraising efforts, help them get water this year. It will be done. I believe. I'm attaching a photo here of my favorite little boy just after he had a make-shift bath. They did not have running water on this particular they re-use old dirty water, and they basically only wash their feet. It is scary and the water can be terribly unsafe.

I hope you'll consider helping with these efforts. Stay tuned!!!!

The water they currently use does not come from a reliable source and it is rarely available. Zimbabwe has had a Cholera epidemic in recent months which has resulted in thousands of deaths, and is spread through contaminated waters, and then is highly contagious between humans. 5 of the children of this home have had Cholera. At least 1 of them has already died, 1 of them recovered from the Cholera but got a nasty infection and could lose his foot/leg, and the other 3 were still in quarantine when I left Zimbabwe. They really need a clean and reliable water source.


Melissa said...

I cannot imagine not living with good, clean water in abundance. I am so sad for your Zim kids. I am excited to see how God uses you to help them, Melissa.

Monica said...

Melissa, It has been a while!!! I just wanted to say Happy New Year! I hope to be able to read your blog more regular in 2009 :) I've totally caught up with it tonight and your adventures in Africa are amazing. My oldest son went their on a misson trip 2 yrs ago and it changed his life. Give Shawn a birthday hug from me, his bday video was as always adorable, I just want to squeeze him!!

Sarah said...

Okay, I haven't read your blog in over a week while I was on vacation, but it seems to me that it looks different. Is the whole theme different, or just the beautiful rock picture at the top. Is that jasper?

Yes, I would love to help with the clean water. Let us know how we can contribute.

The Clicks said...

Thanks for sharing about your trip. We are certainly blessed and don't realize just how good we have it. I'm sure your trip really helped you put things into perspective. What a blessing.