Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Saw Our Freedom

So, there's this piece of my trip to Zimbabwe that I haven't really been able to articulate. Have I mentioned that Zimbabwe is REALLY far away? I always swore that I would NEVER go anywhere that required me to be on a plane for more than a few hours. I am claustrophobic and also very sensitive to motion sickness. But trust me, God says yes even when we say no, and I'm sure I'm not supposed to argue with God. (I've learned this several times!)

One of my layovers was in Washington D.C. When I left Zim, I flew 19 hours (including a stop for fuel without de-planing) to Washington D.C Dulles International airport. We landed on time. I arrived to my next gate on time. I could almost taste my I would be seeing them in 2 hours. Home free..............almost. See, I had to be slowed up/down in I was one of the very last to arrive to my gate. The plane had reached it's maximum weight capacity because of all the extra cargo due to Christmas gifts, etc. I am with ONE bag obeying all the rules.....and I get DETAINED in customs in my own country......and I can taste my children, and I'm on a schedule, and I am inconvenienced, and I can't get on my airplane to take me to my home........and I can see it through the window. 5 seats remained empty. I couldn't have one. (They let my bag on, by the way...and wouldn't let me have it this makes SO much sense!) Let the tears begin......seriously people.....helpless. I have been flying and/or in an airport for the last 27 1.5 hours away from home and I cannot go ANYWHERE. I allow my tears to flow, my head to pound and my heart to break.....then I walk to customer service to get onto another flight. I stand in THAT line for almost 2 hours, only to find out that I just missed the last flight to Nashville, TN. I seriously look at this guy like he is solely responsible for saving my life. He didn't like that look. The solution was to put me in a cab and send me way across town to the Reagan Airport, where I would get to fly into Chicago and then eventually to Nashville. I pile myself into the cab....and off I go...

off I go, passing by the Washington Monument
off I go, passing by the Arlington National Cemetery
off I go, passing the Pentagon

I saw freedom. I saw the markers of men and women who died for my freedoms, for without whom, I might not have clean drinking water. I saw government buildings and monuments that would remind me I have a government who does not shut off my power because they are greedy.... and I saw the skyline of the capital of my nation, where I can go to the hospital when I need medical treatment, and where I can send my children to school for free. I was surrounded by a population of citizens are not worried about a Cholera outbreak or an AIDS epidemic. I was breathing in the sky hovering over the city of the home of the man who says he wants to better the lives of the people of our nation, while having just left the capital of a nation that is home to a man who is so corrupt and so greedy that he cannot even recognize the truth of the beast that he is and how many lives he has caused to suffer and die as a result of his polluted heart.

I'm not saying America is'll never hear me say that. And I'm not saying our government doesn't have it's own forms of corruption..... but I am saying that this is Disneyland compared to Zim. That's all I'm saying.

I had to be detoured. God had an amazing vision for my eyes to see and a conviction for my heart. I had never been to D.C. He had a plan for me to face some realities before I could face the faces of my children, whom I am raising, in the free world, in a home with power and clean running water.

Thank you, Africa.

Thank you, United Airlines with your weight restrictions.

Thank you, friendly cab driver who was pleased to point out what God desired for me to see.

Thank you, orphans.

Thank you, Lord God.

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Sarah said...

Wow. What a revelation. I love when God surprises us and messes up our plans.

Still, how amazingly frustrating for you at the airport. I have to say that tops any travel inconvenience I've ever heard.

I'm glad you were able to find the positive in a maddening situation.