Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been in a blog Funk.

Good morning. Here are some bits and pieces....

**We went cold turkey on Shawn's bottle. At the age of 2, he still refused to hold the bottle on his own. But for some reason, he was totally willing to forego the bottle altogether and live by sippy cup alone. He went from warm milk, to cold milk....and no one is helping him. He's just cool like that. I love him! This successful transition took place about 2 weeks ago.

**Asher loves Shawn, for real people. He hugs this boy till Shawn gets almost mad. But they have now found their playfulness fully together. They run together, chase, scream, giggle.....it is so much fun. Joy.

**Shawn is confirmed to have open-heart surgery on 3/31. The only thing at this point that would push that back is if there is an emergency surgery or transplant that day for another child. And it IS Vanderbilt.....so that could happen. But we are ready. The hole in Shawn's heart needs to be closed.

** Funky things are going on in the lives of some of my friends. Painful things. It is part of the reason for my recent silence.

********I DO HAVE GOOD NEWS*********** I have been meeting with The Community Foundation about establishing a charitable fund for children, including the orphanage in Zim that I recently visited. They definitely need a clean water source asap or more kids will get cholera and most likely will die. The fund is called "The Wellspring Fund". I am just the thinker upper of this fund.......it will NEVER benefit myself or my family. But I will soon begin the fundraising efforts and I am praying that God will provide through many of you. Stay tuned.


Annie said...

Hi Melissa! thanks for visiting! I'm returning the visit. :) Sounds like you've got your hands full with three little ones and missions! Wow! Great to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

Annie ran across your blog and sent me here. I am a mom of two little ones and love missions. I've been to Botswana for missions and briefly visited Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. I think about Africa all the time as well.

I think I'm gonna like your blog :)

Melissa Irwin said...

Hi Annie...thanks for the returning visit!

Danielle.....lovely of you to stop by. I'm excited you are here. I am dying to go back to Zimbabwe!

Sarah said...

That's great about Shawn's progress to the sippy cup!

Will pray over his surgery. I'm glad that's getting taken care of.

Thanks for taking the time for an update. I miss you when you are silent, but I understand. I've been pretty silent myself lately. There just isn't enough time in the day.

Will look forward to contributing to the water fund.

DEb said...

I'm so sorry you're in a "funk"..... it'll change.

Thanks for letting us know about baby Shawn.... awwwww....we will DEFINITELY be praying....hard!!!! Not just for him but for you and your family....that's tough. God be there!!

Melissa said...

I am in a blog funk too. I'm sure you can guess why. :)

My boy was so much like yours....things just transitioned with little effort on my part. So cool!

Sarah said...

So scary to hear about Asher putting an object in the electrical outlet! I hope Allyson won't try that. Yes, so glad they are both safe.