Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Satan Invasion

I just thought I'd rush to the computer to post this....because I rarely post when I'm thinking about it and I almost never post about what I intend to. I just don't have time. So when I do update my blog, it is usually because I had a moment, and so I just write whatever comes to me in that moment.

But THIS moment is intentional.

I have been doing this incredible bible study (with my women's group) called "Discerning The Voide of God", by Priscilla Shirer. The subtitle is: "How to Recognize When God Speaks". This study, in its simplicity, is unbelievably AMAZING! I am so loving it. I recommend it to any believer. If you are not yet a believer in Christ, this book will not make sense to please wait. I am eagerly doing my studies and my homework. I'm even jotting down verses to review later, and the most remarkable thing that has changed about me is that I am more aware than ever that if I will just be aware that He can and will speak to me, I can hear Him.

This isn't a sermon.

What I have also realized is that any dishonorable thought that enters my mind is from the devil. That freaks me out. I have had at least 3 thoughts today (it's only 1pm) that Christ would never honor. They have involved potentially hurting the feelings of other people in my life, just because they have hurt mine. my heart I have no desire to actually carry out those thoughts into live action....but the thought still invaded my mind and at least dipped its toes into my heart. That is Satan.

If I feel short-changed....that is Satan, because Jesus will never give me less than what I need.
If I feel abondoned...that is Satan, because Christ will never leave my heart that has begged for His.
If I feel afraid....that is Satan, because the God of the Universe desires for me to fear nothing but to revere Him.
If I feel unworthy.....that is Satan, because Jesus showed me how much I am worth to Him when He died on the cross for me.
If I feel vindictive....that is Satan..... because scripture says that I need not vindicate myself because the wrongs against me will be handled by His time....and I don't even have the right to know the details.
If I feel envious.....that is Satan, because my relationship with Christ alone is the most precious and valuable thing my life could ever have.....and I should not want for more.

It isn't that I thought those thoughts were from God. I just thought they were my own. But as one who is a Christ follower, seeking His purpose, and serving in ways that can bring more of His light into the world....what I recognize is that I am a threat to Satan. I might screw up his plan because I have a word to share. If I testify to the unbeliever in my midst, that person my take up a cross and walk with Christ. I AM A THREAT....and because of that, Satan himself wants to invade my soul, my spirit, my heart and my mind. He cannot mess up my salvation. But he can trip me up and cause me to be a major stumbling block to someone still outside of the kingdom.

Satan has really got some nerve. Beware....that's all I'm saying.

All you or I can really do when we feel the powers of that dang devil invading our spirit territory is identify his presence, shoo him away, pray for redemption, and focus on Christ.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. As always...feel free to leave a comment and share whatever you are thinking.


Anonymous said...

such powerful thoughts.

it's so good to remember that he is the father of lies and the accusser of the bretheren. if he's saying it...its a lie.

Jesus loves us...I'm so thankful for that.

Melissa Irwin said...

Thank you for visiting again Danielle. I am still waiting for you to update on your it!

Yes, we are loved so deeply.

Pete Wilson said...

Very powerful. I need to go through this Bible study.

Melissa said...

oh wow...I need this book, I think. Thanks for sharing....

Sarah said...

What a great insight, Melissa. I never thought about the source of those thoughts that enter my head.

I think I need to do that Bible study also.

Thank you for sharing such an encouraging and sobering word.

Melissa said...

I just ordered this book---it keep coming to mind, so I figured I may want to listen. :)

Tam said...

very well written friend! sounds like a phenomenal study.

i agree it is the enemy that lures us with thoughts that are not of Go. but i, myself, have to take responsibility for dwelling on said thoughts.

so how does that fit in the picture. that wouldnt be satan any longer, it would be me. im just curious of your thoughts on this.

Melissa Irwin said...

@tam - yes absolutely. we are responsible fully for our thoughts and actions.... God, nor the people, are going to take "Satan made me do it" as an excuse. But as a Christian....sometimes I find myself engaged in sinful thoughts and I literally wonder, "where is this coming from?".... and recognizing that i am a threat to Satan because I am capable and willing to help lead others to Christ...I realize that Satan really wants me to mess up, to lose my credibility.

My sinful thoughts and actions, are still MY sinful thoughts and actions for which I must ask forgiveness, and focus to improve.

Thanks for the provoking question.... love you!

Tam said...

right on. i couldnt agree with you more. im thinking about posting on this subject too, kinda.

we'll see.

thanks for your reply to this.


love you too, friend!