Thursday, February 19, 2009

Small Package Brilliance

Lyla Marie blessed me yesterday, snuggled up in my arms, breathing naturally, with eyes opening occasionally to take me in and feel the room. She is picture perfect, with a sinful amount of dark hair sticking up on her head, perfect skin, soft cheeks and dainty little lips. She is another one of God's magnificent creations, planned in the beginning of time. He knew before they were born, who her parents would be. He knew she would have doting grandparents and a slew of wannabe aunts and uncles (and real ones too, of course).

How does He do it? How does he create life? It boggles my mind. It shouldn't....because I birthed 3 of my own....I see His grace everyday. I am living His dream for me. And now, so are my sweet friends, Joe and Holly. They have welcomed their firstborn. And she is spectacular. I love her already. And I look forward to watching her grow up in the loving home God designed for her.

Welcome to the world, baby Lyla. May you, and every child, know the love that God has in store for you.

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