Friday, February 27, 2009


This morning I was at my office, listening to my favorite Pandora station, when the managing broker popped his head in to say hello. He immediately commented on all the green he could see. He said it must be my color. I wasn't exactly sure what he meant until he pointed out....

  • my client list was written in green marker
  • my book bag is a fresh green
  • my logo has a splash of green
  • my Zimbabwe memory book is green
  • 2 sets of my marketing materials are heavy on the light green

I occupy one small space in the corner of a gigantic room....a room I chose because the windows provide a peak out among the tops of the trees (2nd floor). The trees, happen to be green.

Then I realized, my favorite shoes are green. My favorite jacket is green. I mostly like the lighter, calming shades. I am not a fan of the hunter green...whatsoever. But yep, I'm pretty green. I just didn't realize that you could step into my office and it would be that obvious.

When I think of what green symbolizes, I think of words like....fresh, new, growth, earth, nature, peaceful, calming, natural, organic and raw. The psychology of green (on the web) also suggests that the negative side of green is that it represents jealousy. Ewe....I hope that isn't me.

I do love green. I'd love to know what your favorite color is.....and why.

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Sarah said...

I think my favorite color is blue. I like all different shades, but especially the pale sky blue of my bedroom walls. I think it's relaxing.

When it comes to clothes, though, I think my best color is pink. It gives my pale skin a little color