Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jesus and Aunt Peggy

So, I've told ya'll about my stalkers before. I've learned more this week about others of my readers. It is so funny to me that people I don't even know...(not even in the blogosphere) are checking in to read my blog on a regular basis. Some of my very best friends don't even come here. They think they know everything about me without reading my blog. Boy, are they wrong! They miss some of the best stories about my kids. Truthfully.....once I document it here, it is kinda out of my system, and I rarely feel the need to mention it by mouth. Sometimes I do.......but not much.

Today, I got an email from my Aunt Peggy stating how she has been checking everyday and that I haven't updated in a while. Well, here it is exactly... "Ok - you're disappointing me. I log on every morning for your news and you haven't "blogged" for a few days. I'm anxiously awaiting." I feel so special....and also under such pressure. I have nothing special or poetic to Sorry. But I got to thinking....Peg.....if we're to have a one-sided conversation here, I'm betting you know me better now than ever in my history. Wouldn't you say that is true? And you know my kids without getting to see them but once a year. You're getting to know their personalities, their misgivings, their gifts, their spirits and their hearts. It means so very much to me that you (and others) come here to read about our lives and our hearts. I've always done this.....always written it all down. I've kept journals for years. I've typed out letters to nobobdy....for years and years..... the difference now is that there are readers. I'm so glad that you are here sharing my life with me. I wish you would start blogging so I could be more a part of yours. (smiles)

I am leaving in 8 days to go to the Dominican Republic. I really can't believe it. Everything surrounding this trip is entirely different than when I went to Zimbabwe. This time, I'm going with other people from my church. My total air time is only about 4 1/2 hours. I'll only be away from my children for 1 week instead of 2. I will be doing physical work instead of loving on children in an orphange (although I am hoping to meet some kids). I'll be sleeping in an open-air dorm, with bunk beds, with other women....instead of having a private room all to myself with glass windows. Another major difference is that I will not have access to a computer at all, while i am there....I'm almost certain of this. The ONLY way I will get to check email or blog is if someone else sneaks in a laptop and they happen to share it with me. I'm not counting on this. It will be hard for me. I will not get to receive updates about my kids and email messages to daddy to read to them. I'll not get to pour out what I'm feeling and thinking in a way that brings me much comfort and release. I will take a journal.....but the instant gratification of posting a blog....will not be mine. I'm a bit bummed about this. But I promise I will blog blog blog when I get home.

So I'll just end this post by saying I love Jesus and Aunt Peggy.

Nighty Night!

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Sarah said...

Melissa, we could be twins. Like you, I've been writing journals for years (though blogging has cut into my journaling time), and I agree that actually having readers is awesome.

I don't get many comments on my blog, but I do have a lot of friends and family who seem to follow it. I love the encouraging comments you post, especially on those stories that I wasn't really sure I wanted to post, but felt God was urging me to share my heart.

Yeah, Aunt Peggy! I was missing your updates this week also. Thank you for sharing your life and heart with us.