Monday, February 16, 2009

Asher Knows Right Where God Is

I could not sleep last night because I was in such shock and awe over something remarkable that happened. You might not find this nearly as fascinating as I do, and I'm mostly documenting it here for the diary that this is and so I will not forget it in the future.

Let me start by saying, I never "scare" my children....well, at least, not in the "boo" sense. I always make sure that I state cleary that there are no monsters and no ghosts. I think I do a pretty good job of making strange things seem light-hearted, etc. I just do not want my kids to be afraid, if I can prevent it. So, the next part of this story puzzles even me....and here it goes.

Last night Shawn was in bed asleep, Asher and I were having our "Asher/Momma lovin time suggled up on the sofa, and Joe was in the master bathroom taking a shower. I got the sudden urge, to, shall we say.....pee....and so I got up and went into the the 1/2 bath in our foyer area that is typically for guests. The 1/2 bath and the master bath share a wall, so I could hear the shower running. Asher, in typical form, came into the dark 1/2 bath where I was. I might have mentioned that I though it sounded like there is a monster in the wall...and so Asher ran out. I followed him right out of there and for some sick reason, decided to carry on the act. Asher and I snuggled up together on the sofa and discussed the monster in the bathroom wall, and I decided to get up and go check it out. Asher was kinda laughing/giggling/fearful. He didn't want to come with me, but just as I approached the bathroom door, he marched up in front of me because he didn't think I should go alone. (Be still my romantic!). I held him. We opened the door, heard the monster in the wall, screamed, and ran back out.

I was trying to be silly through all of this, but Asher was still really focused on the major issue at hand...... a friggin monster in the wall is no small problem.

We hid behind the sofa. I could see that Asher was really starting to worry...and so I really was about to relieve him of his worries and turn it all into a big joke. I looked at Asher and said "what are we gonna do?". I could see in his expression, he was immediately trying to process a possible solution. I mean, for goodness sake, when there is a monster in the bathroom wall, afterall, what DO You DO? I dunno. Asher took charge. He really did. I don't know if he wanted to protect me, comfort me, or what......but he took charge.

Imagine a precious 4 year old, afraid but not crying...... afraid but not cowering...... afraid but willing to press on...... I have no words to tell you how this felt for me to see. Here is what happened..... Asher looked at me. His eyes were serious. His hands and arms were in tight formation, his fingers together and stick straight, both of them moving in sync. And this is exactly what he said.....

"Wait Mommy, we have REALLY got to get brave about this"......I asked, "but how do we get brave?".... "God, (mommy), God is with us everywhere!".

I was floored. "Yes Asher, He absolutely is". And oh by the way Asher, that isn't really a ghost, it is just the shower.

I hugged and kissed that boy and praised him for having such faith in God. I cannot even describe it now. I'll tell much as we do talk about God and Jesus around here, Asher learned that principle at Sunday School. They have really driven it home, week after week. I am so excited that God has allowed Asher to actually understand this. In possibly his very first truly fearful moment, Asher leaned on the trust the God is with him. I am absolutely beside myself with gratitude for this.


Sarah said...

What an awesome story, Melissa. Sweet and heartwarming and reassuring. I wish I could have found that kind of courage at such a young age. He is definitely putting everything he has learned into practice.

Cee said...

What a special story Melissa. It was a nice surprise to read when I linked to you from Our Creative Community.

God bless

Tracy said...

precious boy!...he'll love hearing that story when he's older, too.

this made me think of may have read it....more to pray about

Pete Wilson said...


Anonymous said...

As being a teacher for several years and most of the time with the younger kids I wonder how much they obtain as they wiggle around on the floor. I needed this today. Thanks you! Need to go re-do my make up now.