Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Blessed

I cannot believe that I am boarding a plane in 9 hours to fly to The Dominican Republic with a few other people from my church. I was so worked up and anxious before going to Zimbabwe...probably because (A) I had never left the country (B) I traveled alone into an unknown situation, and (C) It takes 2 whole days to get there. I have no anxiety over this trip to the DR... because (A) not only have I left the country before....I've been to frickin Africa, (b) I'm traveling into a known situation with people I am familiar with, and (c) It only takes 4 1/2 hours to fly there. Big difference.... but quite the same scenerio. I'm going to a country that has unbelievable levels of poverty. I won't state here everything that I expect....because I'd rather just tell you what I experienced, when I get back. I feel like tonight is just a regular night, but it is not. It is, once again, the night before God will do a work in my heart and in my life that He expects me to grow from. The night before He allows something to manifest in me for His greater good and His big picture purpose. What? Not sure. But it will hit me the same way Africa hit me......right in my heart. And I beg that He will never let me let go of whatever it is. I beg that He will never again allow me to be spoiled in my American ways. I beg that He will allow my heart to suffer forever from what it will feel in these far off places. I just do.

So, adios sweet people who visit here often. Say prayers please..... just for my heart to be wide open and for the Spirit to move through me...and that I not get in His way. I love my savior, our savior. I love Him. I'm so blessed and so thankful that He is allowing me to do anything at all in the poverty stricken worlds that wait for Him.

I'm so thankful for every dime that was raised by every soul that had a heart for helping to send me to The Dominican Republic. And for the record....if you helped me but have not received a thank you card from me....please let me know...because that would mean that I was not aware of your contribution. Please please please let me know if you were a part of this...(if I haven't already acknowledged you and shared my gratitude).

I'll be home soon. I'll take photos and I will write here when I get home.


Sarah said...

I'll be praying for you and looking forward to hearing your stories when you get back!

Tracy said...

oh how i wish i could go, too! please give everyone you see there my love and give romano a big hug and kiss from us! praying for a fruitful trip in every way! :)