Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emotional Gas

Yep, the title is exactly what I meant...... do you ever feel like you've got so much bottled up inside, that you're just dying to release? Go ahead, laugh. It's funny! (That's me and God cracking me up again!)

What is in me?

*Great Pampered Chef party last night. Fun. Funny. Comforting to see so many friends in one place. Yummy. A nice reprieve.
*Great bible study this morning with my dear, faithful friends....and yet most of us are going through something nearly unbearable at the moment. How would we make it through, without our Father, and without each other? Not sure that we would.
*Another blogger is battling a SEVERE heart condtion with her son currently.....and I keep following her, and praying for her son....and feeling hopeless. You can meet them at They need prayer and comfort.
*I keep looking at Shawn and just trying to take him in more and more. I keep smelling him and feeling his little body cuddled against me. I keep adoring his head as it rests on my shoulder. Oh Lord please let his surgery go smoothly next Tuesday. I'm begging he be well. I'm begging.
*I am amazed at the outpouring of love coming from multiple directions.
*I am thankful for the strength and the sensitivity of my Joe.
*I miss Spencer....he is such a 19 year old.
*If I concentrate really hard, and close my eyes.....I can smell Zimbabwe, and I miss it.
*Where do all the bills come from? YUK!

I've just decided a better name for this post would have been "The Heart Fart".....but, well....... that's just not nice.


DEb said...

I LOVE "The Heart-Fart"...that is hilarious!!!

It'll all be OK... God has little Shawny!!!! and you...

Much love, melissa!!

Sarah said...

I'm praying over the surgery. It's so comforting to know that God will be with you every step of the way. You're in good hands!