Monday, March 23, 2009

In Love Again

I crack myself up. And the Lord cracks me up too, sometimes. I have committed to myself to write more, blog more, worship more, praise more, read more scripture, love more, live more, and be more alive. No....none of that is funny.....but the funny part to me is with the blogging. I sit down in front of the computer and log on without a single idea of what I am going to write. I don't ponder it. I don't dream up of ideas to write about and I do not research hot topics like some bloggers do. I just look at the blank screen....and I'm not kidding....God gives me a title. I sounds crazy. But it happens 95% of the time. The other 5% is when I just have the intention of posting some photos....and then from there I just write whatever.

Today, I looked at my blank screen (2 minutes ago) and he led me to type into the TITLE section, "In Love Again". I chuckled outloud and wondered, "what is this about?" And He is sending me 2 messages.

Message 1: (can't wait to see what He types here...)..... I am in Love with Jesus again because He has been so patient with me for the 10 years that I have dedicated my life to knowing Him....and we have finally arrived, somewhere. He is still with me. I remember the day I became a Christian and I remember how that felt in my heart. I literally felt washed, cleansed and new. It was a new me, and I was so happy to finally meet her. Last church, my pastor talked about how this transformation isn't overnight....we must be intentional about growing in our relationship with God, and that we must hand over the driver's seat to Jesus.....if we are to truly surrender all will to Him, take up our cross, and follow Him, everyday. It is like losing weight, I suppose. The pounds are not going to shed in one day. It requires obedience, persistence, patience, commitment and dedication....but with these things, the transformation will occur. I can remember 10 years ago, walking downtown daily from the parking lot to the office building. I would pray every day on that walk and everyday I was praying for maturity in my faith, wisdom....I was praying for the full package. I wanted to grow and change. I wanted to have a mentor, be a mentor. I wanted to learn and to teach. I wanted to have a meaningful word to share. I remember long will it take me? The answer is a constant goal...that will never be fully reached.....but 10 years later, I feel so much of what I wanted to feel. It is truly amazing. I read scripture now and I get excited about what I'm reading. I feel like He is talking to me. Sometimes I even hear Him. His Word is life and truth and when I read it, it rests in me, and it renews and refines me. It is the greatest part of my life. His word IS life.

Message 2 of "In Love Again" is really about my husband. Joe is just a remarkable human being and I wonder how he puts up with me. He has been helping to take care of his Dad for the past 3 weeks after he had 2 heart attacks and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Joe has helped do some of the "dirty work" and I just look at him and God, you have really placed me in good hands with this man. Not to mention all of the other wonderful things about him..... he is just a sweet sweet man. He is really in it for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. I'm glad he's mine.

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