Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shawn Update

The surgery went very well. Shawn did not need the 2nd repair that the doctors presented to us yesterday. They had to stress his heart out a little to determine this, but ultimately, only the hole needed to be closed... that is good.

Shawn has wires in him right now that are coming out of his chest tube, and attached to a pacemaker that is laying beside him on the bed. He needs this temporary pacemaker because his heart is not beating in the right rhythm. The doctors are encouaring us that they are not particularly worried about this. His heart has been through a lot today (MINE TOO) and because of this, it may just take a few days for it to get into the right rhythm. I'll keep updated here on the blog.

Shawn is extremely uncomfortable and this is getting very hard for me. I have had to physically comfort him and hold his arms and legs down, for several hours now. He keeps kicking and the arms are flying....and well.....it's even puzzling all the medical professionals. They are uping his meds tonight and giving him something to sedate him more. I hope this helps.

Shawn has an oxygen mask on also, actually a CPAP, so it kinda looks like a cloth helmut with tubes up his nose. His ph levels are low....so they are just doing several things to get him regulated. They DID take out his breathing tube....so that is a good thing.

I don't know what else to tell you all..... just that Joe and Asher are at home tonight. I'm here with Shawn. Joe is off all week so he'll be taking Ash to school each morning, spending the day at the hospital with me and Shawn, and then back home with Asher. Spencer was with us part of today also.

I have more personal things to say but don't have the energy. And Shawn is fussing with the nurse so I am being called back to the bedside.

OH, one last thing..... I am truly praising God for the successful surgery today, ad many other things I will post about later. I'm not too tired to recognize that He has really covered us in His grace today and we are SO thankful.

Till tomorrow....


Jenn said...

Really praying! I know you must be exhausted mentally and physically! Praying for a great rythym for Shawn's heart and strength and peace for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all. I know this must be emotional and exhausting. I came up to visit earlier but you were out visiting Asher. Love and prayers!

Sarah said...

Thank you for taking the time to update. I've been hoping you might. Will keep praying for Shawn's full recovery and rest for you.

Melissa Irwin said...

jenni - i was so sorry to learn that i missed you. thank you so much for coming.

jenn and sarah....i'm so grateful for the prayer warriors that you are. thank you thank you.

Tam said...

im so glad you wrote this post. thank you!

we'll continue to pray for Shawn. and for you too!

love you...

Anonymous said...


I praise God the surgery went well...I am so sorry that this unexplainably is so hard on all of you. Grace and peace to you in the fullest measure.