Saturday, March 21, 2009

Simplicity ~ Dats Where Its'At

I'm finding such joy in the simple things of life. Here, Asher is displaying his artwork. This happens to be a birthday card for our next door neighbor, Grayson. I helped Asher draw a cake, but he did all of the finishing touches. His sweet face in this photo just kills me. It isn't a typical expression of his. It sort of represents his half-proud, half-humble nod to himself. I see how much it means to him to be told "great job!", "you're so talented", "you're artwork makes mommy so happy". He's a good boy.

Shawn is enjoying sitting in a big chair, outside on our back patio. At this moment, he was going through his entire repretoire (sp?) of animal sounds. He can make sounds for monkey, duck, alligator, gorilla, lion, tiger, pig, cow....and in this photo, he is prepping his mouth for the "wubba wubba", which is basically, a puppy dog bark. It might not seem like much for a 27 month old to be able to bark... but his milestones are treasures to us.

Fresh flowers are just one way that God reminds me of His majesty. He is the most talented artist of all.


sarah in the woods said...

Your kids are adorable!

Melissa Irwin said...

Thx ~ sarah in the woods! I'm pretty fond of them. Actually, I'm obsessed! :)

Sarah said...

I missed this post somehow. I love this one! Asher's card is great! And I think Shawn's animal sounds are quite an achievement. I would love to hear the animal sounds if you ever get a chance to capture them on video. Thanks for sharing your beautiful children with us.